Be my guest: Kezzie | Top thrifted finds

Longtime SIA participant Kezzie is back for another great guest post! (Make sure you check out her guest post last summer about her love of hats.) This time, she shares her favorite thrifted finds.

Hi! I’m Kezzie and I blog over at Kezzie AG. One of my favourite ways of buying clothes is thrifting or charity-shopping, depending on which side of the Atlantic you come from. I often find some great bargains — even my Mum has said I have remarkable luck, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite finds.

1. Vintage Jaeger wool coat

The proof of my thrifting luck came at a 10-second stop at some traffic lights in the picturesque town of Wallingford on Thames in Oxfordshire. I looked into an Oxfam window and saw this gorgeous coat!!! Instantly, I knew I wanted it. It was a Sunday, and the shop was shut so there was no way of stopping. I texted my friend who we had been visiting and asked if she could possibly pay a visit to check it out for me, which she agreed to. Next time I saw her, she said that the charity shop lady had said I had a great idea as it was an unworn vintage coat that might retail at over £200! It fits me perfectly, and I love it!

Be my guest: Kezzie

2. Orla Kiely teacup dress

Another chance visit was made in London when I went to buy some music from a flute shop. I glanced into the charity shop and saw this amazing red cotton dress in my size. Orla Kiely is renowned for her very retro-looking patterns. It’s cotton and has such a pretty pattern! Plus, you know how much we ladies love a dress with pockets! Jen has sported many beautiful patterned red dresses (including a lovely one recently bought by Sam) on this blog, so I know that you lot love some red dress action!

Be my guest: Kezzie

3. Turquoise sequined skirt

Shades of teal, turquoise and blue are my absolute favourite, and I love a good midi skirt so when I saw this statement skirt for £5, I was delighted. At first, I wondered if I should buy it — it being a bit of a ‘specialist’ item — but figured that such an opportunity should not be missed! I wore it for a Eurovision party with some French stripes and a thrifted blazer and a sparkly hair bow for maximum tacky sparkle — if you’ve ever seen Eurovision, you’ll know what I mean!

Be my guest: Kezzie

4. Vintage Khaki Aquascutum skirt

I always wanted to find a classic vintage piece and when I found this khaki skirt by Aquascutum, I was beyond excited. It’s a perfect piece for a 1940s look.

Be my guest: Kezzie

5. Red trench

This coat has again proved a really versatile piece — a great shape and a bargain. I’ve worn it on so many occasions, and it always cheers me and other people up to see that bright shade. In this picture, I’m wearing it with another beloved thrift purchase — these tailored trousers have served me for years, plus the tank was bought from another blogger, so lots of secondhand action going on here!

Be my guest: Kezzie

6. Vintage madras rainbow check dress

This dress is actually a little too big for me, but I have sported it as a skirt on so many occasions, as it lends itself so well to remixing.

Be my guest: Kezzie

7. Flute

Ha, this isn’t actually a clothing item, but I thought I’d throw it into the post because it really is my best thrift/charity shop item. I found a flute that retails at £520 for £52 in a charity shop in mint condition, and I had been needing a spare flute for school for a long time! It was in mint condition and definitely makes it my best charity-shop bargain of all time!

Be my guest: Kezzie

Hope you’ve enjoyed some of my favourite thrift shop items, and if you want to see some other items I’ve bought secondhand, click on my charity-shop label on my blog (KezzieAG: charity shops). It would be great to see you over there!

Thanks Jen for having me, it’s been fun!


9 thoughts on “Be my guest: Kezzie | Top thrifted finds

  1. Vix

    Fab guest post, Kezzie! I remember your excitement at finding that lovely Jaeger coat and the Madras check will always be my favourite. xxx

  2. Denise

    Wow, you really really really have lots of luck, and a good sense for what to buy – amazing finds! I loved the wool coat and Orla Kiely dress, and Aquascutum is really fabulous! Plus, a flute for 52 when it was £520? That is really impressive, dear Kezzie! Well done!

  3. Zoe/Pennyblossoms

    What a fun post, with lots of lovely pictures too!
    There are some seriously good finds – that flute…wow, now that’s what I call a good find! (Or, if you’re Mr B, ‘a pipe dream’! Boom Boom)

  4. HazelxJoy

    Kezzie, I knew you rocked at charity shopping but I never knew about all of these gems! the first coat is a stunner. I’m coveting your little camera case bag too, that’s so cute.


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