Guest blogger opportunity

Librarian for Life + Style | Be my guestI will be visiting my mom from late July through early August, so I was wondering if any of my readers would like to contribute a guest post while I’m away. And don’t worry, my husband will be taking care of our cats and the house… but who will look after the blog?! 😉

If you’re interested in feeding and watering my blog while I’m away, please email me at Ideally, it would be great if 6-10 readers would be interested in guest blogging. I would need guest post content by July 24 at the latest, for posts to go live starting July 27.

What’s it all about?

The guest post can be on anything you’d like:  a personal introduction, your favorite outfit(s), your top 5 tips for wearing polka dots, your favorite color, what to wear to a summer picnic — basically anything related to your personal style or lifestyle! Do you have some favorite recipes or crafting ideas or knitting projects of favorite stationery? Then please consider sharing your ideas and projects with my readers!

Can you show me some examples?

  • Sure thing! You can check out all the previous readers and bloggers who have contributed guest posts by clicking on my guest post category link.
  • You can also check out guest posts I have written either through that same guest post category link above, or by clicking on my Featured page.

Guest blog graphicWhat are the benefits of guest blogging?

  • If you’re a blogger, it’s a great way to network and cross-promote blogs! When I have guest-posted in the past, I put a brief blurb on my site and redirect my readers to the blog I have written the guest post for.
  • If you’re not a blogger, then it’s a way to try something new or experience in a low-stress way what blogging is like.

Who can guest blog?

Anyone! You don’t even have to have a style blog. If you’re a regular reader, and you don’t have a blog, you could still put together a post about anything you’d like that is style-related. You could delve into your own style archives — like my friend Stephanie did last year in her guest post (and btw, Stephanie’s not a blogger) — or you could even do a post of your favorite outfits of mine, etc.

What’s the timeline again?

  • July 17:  The latest date to submit your interest in guest blogging along with your guest post idea. Ideally, I would love to line up 6-10 guest bloggers!
  • July 24:  The latest I would need guest post content by
  • July 27:  When guest posts would start going live on my blog

So please drop me an email if you’re interested in contributing a guest post for my blog. I look forward to hearing from y’all! 🙂


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