SIJ: Style Imitating Jen

A longtime reader, Katie, recently let me know that she had been inspired by one of my outfits — and sent me a pic! It was so unexpected and so sweet that I asked to share it with y’all. Katie even coined the phrase, “SIJ” (Style Imitating Jen), a play off the fortnightly style challenge, SIA (Style Imitating Art) I co-curate. So clever!

(By the way, the latest SIA round-up is now up on Jess’s blog, Animated Cardigan!)

Katie loved the pink-and-white-striped boatneck tee I got recently from J. Crew, so she snagged one for herself — and during a sale, woot! (It’s still available online, btw.) She was inspired by my recent pairing of that tee with my olive ankle pants and floral scarf, as seen here in this post. She wore a similar outfit for her son’s first birthday party.

Librarian for Life + Style | SIJ:  Style Imitating Jen

Doesn’t Katie look great?! She shared that she felt comfortable and stylish and that she got lots of compliments on her outfit! I love that she took the basics of what I wore and totally made it her own, with her strappy sandals (sooooooooo cute) and neck scarf tied to the side.

Thank you so much, Katie, for sharing your “SIJ” pic with me! It’s lovely to hear that you felt comfortable and stylish on such a special family occasion. I am so pleased — and humbled — that I helped inspire you!

If anyone else has been inspired by something I’ve worn and would like to share it (either privately with me and/or publicly on the blog), let me know. Y’all continue to inspire me, so please know that the feeling is mutual! 😀


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