SIA round-up: The Avenue in the Rain

It’s SIA round-up time!

Quick recap:  For my turn to curate the Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenge — which happened to fall on the Memorial Day holiday — I went with a traditional choice, Childe Hassam’s 1917 classic painting, “The Avenue in the Rain.” This painting is so patriotic, it hangs in the Oval Office!


"The Avenue in the Rain" -- Frederick Childe Hassam -- 1917

“The Avenue in the Rain” — Frederick Childe Hassam — 1917


First up is first-time SIA participant, Michael. He’s been a follower of Salazar’s 14 Shades of Grey blog and is now jumping into the SIA fun! And fun fact:  Michael was the reader who suggested Salazar’s SIA choice last time! For this SIA challenge, Michael went simple and striking with 3 outfits; he was inspired to wear red, white, and blue polo shirts to represent the main colors in the painting. Thanks so much, Michael, and welcome to SIA!

Michael's SIA outfit

Next is my friend and longtime SIA participant, Stephanie. She went for the moodier color vibe of the painting, using the navy, grey, and black tones as a foundation. That really allowed the pop of color from the neck scarf to stand out!

Stephanie's SIA outfit

Alison from Nouveau North Westerners is relatively new to SIA (and relatively new to the U.S.). She and her French husband moved from Australia to Washington State and blog about their expat adventures! I am LOVING Alison’s patterned sundress — and how her red lipstick and nail polish are the perfect finishing touches. Well done, Alison! 🙂

Alison's SIA outfit

Salazar, one of the co-founders of SIA, looks super cute in her casual outfit. Totally genius how she linked the baggy jeans color and texture to the inspiration painting. Also, can we have a HELLO GORGEOUS moment of appreciation for that brooch?! Check out the post on her 14 Shades of Grey blog for closeups.

Salazar's SIA outfit

Finally, there’s my interpretation. My starting point was my navy fit-and-flare dress, which has a texture similar to the paint texture on the inspiration painting. You can see more details — and a scarf-tying tip! — on my post yesterday.

Librarian for Life + Style | Red, white, and navy

Thanks to all who participated, ladies (and gent)! For a more traditional SIA choice (at least for me), I was very pleased at the different, non-traditional ways our interpretations went!

The next Style Imitating Art challenge will be coming up next week from Jess from Animated Cardigan. See y’all next time!


11 thoughts on “SIA round-up: The Avenue in the Rain

  1. kezzie

    Ahrgh, took photos for this yesterday.and totally forgot to send them to you! Shame!!! Great set of outfits here, I love your smart chic look and all the colours of everyone!!!x

  2. Alison Spence

    Oh everyone looks great and Michael!?! Yay, it’s nice to have a man join in. Red, white and blue is such a classic color combination. I forgot to say on your post Jen, I think you’re channeling a 1960s flight attendant, but love this look so much. 🙂

  3. Mike

    Thanks everyone for allowing me to participate in the SIA challenge! I was a bit shy about doing it at first, but me wanting to show my patriotic spirit (and the fact that I had the right color shirts for this one), I decided to go for it! I appreciate everyone’s acceptance and making me feel like I’m a part of the team. 🙂 Big thanks to Salazar and Jen for helping put it all together! And everyone did great! Thanks again!


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