A retrospective of spring-to-summer dresses

Let’s talk about the transitional period from spring to summer. In my opinion, spring is the hardest season to dress for, as the weather can shift so radically from day to day — or throughout the same day! And if you work a typical 8-to-5 kind of work day, then you’re often leaving for work (and then getting home) when the temps are quite chilly, even if it warms up during the day.

Up here in the Pacific Northwest, our weather patterns tend to match the official seasonal changes. (I really never understood the timing of the equinoxes and solstices until I moved up here — and then it all made sense!) There’s a saying here that it doesn’t really become summer until after the Fourth of July, where it’s not unusual to have rainy Independence Day celebrations.

Librarian for Life + Style | A retrospective of spring-to-summer dresses

It seems that everywhere I look, there are dozens of articles and blog posts about how Memorial Day weekend marks the end of spring, and let’s all get ready for summer… which as a style blogger who lives in the Pacific Northwest, feels awkward. Why? Because it’s going to be that volatile / chilly / allergy-inducing / rainy-one-moment / sunny-the-next spring kind of weather here for another month. (So heads up, y’all, I will keep tagging my posts as “spring outfits” while it’s still officially spring.)

As a style blogger, however, I feel I need to acknowledge that for a lot of you, it will soon — or already does — feel more like summer. So… this has been just a long way to introduce this post. For those of you who are in that spring-to-summer transition, I have rounded up prior outfits of mine featuring dresses that bridge this spring-to-summer seasonal transition. The common thread among these dresses? Fun prints and/or bold colors!

Librarian for Life + Style | Happy maxidressing

Original post from 2014:  Happy maxidressing

Berry maxidress, Old Navy {similar}  //  Denim jacket, Old Navy {similar}  // Gold-and-cream sandals, Target {very similar}  //  Ribbon belt, thrifted {similar}  //  Striped tote bag, gift from my mom {similar}

Librarian for Life + Style | Floral print-spiration

Original post from 2013:  Floral print-spiration

Bold floral dress, eShakti, old {similar} {similar}  //  Chambray shirt, Target, old {similar}  //  Pewter sandals, Target, old {similar}  //  Silver hoop earrings, Kohl’s, old {similar}

Librarian for Life + Style | Mixing shades of brown

Original post from 2014:  Mixing shades of brown

Brown patterned shirtdress, thrifted {similar} {similar} //  Brown stretchy belt, fashion-swapped {similar}  //  Patent-leather, peep-toe wedges, Payless {very similar}

Librarian for Life + Style | Feeling stripey

Original post from 2012:  Feeling stripey

Striped dress, Kohl’s, old {similar}  //  Fedora, Stetson, my husband’s {similar}  //  White espadrille wedges (no longer in my closet – donated last year) {similar}  //  Vintage wicker-and-bakelite bag, thrifted {similar}  //  Navy skinny belt, Target, old {similar}  //  Striped scarf, thrifted {similar}

Librarian for Life + Style | Green + brown

Original post from 2014:  Green + brown (and yes, that’s a dress — I’ve layered a button-up over it!)

Green button-up, Old Navy, old {similar}  //  Brown print dress, thrifted {similar}  //  Brown strappy wedges (no longer in my closet – donated last year) {very similar}

Librarian for Life + Style | Springtime in Portland outfit

Original post from 2014:  Springtime in Portland

Heathered, striped maxidress, Target, old {similar}  //  Striped canvas flats, Target, old {similar}  //  Denim jacket, Old Navy {similar}  //  Black-and-mint dotted crossbody bag, Fossil {mint crossbody option} {black-and-white dotted option}

Hope you enjoyed this mini-retrospective of spring-to-summer dresses!

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18 thoughts on “A retrospective of spring-to-summer dresses

  1. Jennie

    These are some really great picks, Jen! The purple striped is my favorite – you look great in it! I know it is already hot where I am (we are talking borderline 90’s some days), but I still consider it spring until summer is officially here. Have a wonderful holiday weekend and thanks for linking up with Charming Friday!

  2. Apryl

    I really like the layering of the shirts over the dresses – I never think to try that! I always throw on my standby denim jacket….love these looks!

  3. Melissa

    I agree, sometimes spring can seem hard to dress for. Some days can go for a dress, while others its cold and you might need pants. Love, love, LOVE the brown dress!


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