Closet adventures (April 2015)

Time for more closet and wardrobe adventures! First, a preview:

Librarian for Life + Style | What I Got: April 2015 collage

Lands’ End

I started out the month with a post about how I wanted ALL THE THINGS in the new Lands’ End catalog. Thanks for the reader comments on that post, and I did end up purchasing a couple of items with my Lands’ End gift card:  the lovely burgundy-striped fit-and-flare dress and the black leather belt. I was pleasantly surprised that the pink color shows up more in the dress in real life than it does online.

Librarian for LIfe + Style | New purchases from Lands' End

  • Fit-and-flare dress in “Bourbon Multi Stripe” {exact}:  paid $0, Lands’ End (original price $59, used 30% off coupon and gift card)
  • Leather belt {exact}:  paid $0, Lands’ End (originally $39, on sale for $19.99, used gift card)

(I also bought my husband a plaid button-down shirt with the remainder of the gift card, because I am an awesome wife. And because the shirt was on clearance. And because I knew he’d look good in the shirt. I am not made of stone, y’all. 😉 )

A bag in the hand

I purchased two new bags this month — and they couldn’t be more different from one another! And yet each feels like it belongs in my closet.

First, I have been wanting another travel bag, as my orange-and-brown one, seen here in my Scotland trip post, is definitely seeing some wear-and-tear, both inside and out. So I have been on the lookout for another travel bag, and when we got in our members dividend and coupon from REI, a lightbulb went off. And I found this super-practical bag online, and it comes with all these anti-theft devices and details. It’s an AWESOME bag for traveling. I also thought the navy color would be versatile, with either black- or brown-based outfits. It also helps that it was on clearance!

Librarian for LIfe + Style | New travel bag

  • Pacsafe Citysafe travel handbag {exact} {crossbody option}:  paid $24.74, REI (originally $85, on closeout sale for $58.73, used $21.99 member dividend and 20% off member coupon)

Librarian for LIfe + Style | Vintage wicker bag

I have another wicker handbag that I use throughout the summer season, as seen here; it’s a vintage wicker-and-bakelite bag that I picked up years ago at an art fair in Chicago. I ♥ that bag, but it’s also quite small. So for years, I’ve been on the lookout for a bag similar in style but bigger in size. One morning last last month, while I was on my way to another appointment, I spied this bag in the window of a local vintage store, Bombshell Vintage Clothing. And my heart went YES, that’s it! And so it was. 😉

And I’ve already worn this vintage handbag, as seen earlier this week:

Librarian for Life + Style | SIA: Snowdrops inspiration

Hammer time

Librarian for LIfe + Style | Microfiche necklace

Librarian for LIfe + Style | Microfiche necklace closeup

  • Microfiche necklace {similar pieces}:  paid $35, OiNX Microfiche Jewelry

And finally, an unexpected purchase! I bought this microfiche necklace — yes, that “Hammer Time” image is actually a piece of microfiche! — at a state library conference I attended this past month. The craftswoman, Connie LaValley from OiNX Jewelry, had a booth at the conference. She knows her audience — such a PERFECT idea to market for librarians! (And if you’re not sure what “microfiche” is, then scroll down to the end of the OiNX homepage for a quick recap.)

Budget recap

TOTAL SPENT for this month:  $87.74
TOTAL SAVINGS for this month:  $183


Complimentary items

As I detailed in my blogiversary and giveaway post, Greg Michaels helped me celebrate my third blog anniversary with a choice of a handbag and a piece of jewelry. I chose the Greg Michaels Rebecca in Red Envelope Style Handbag and the Serenity earrings. A lovely way to help celebrate! 😀

Librarian for Life + Style | Greg Michaels crystal earrings

Librarian for Life + Style | Greg Michaels red handbag

Looking ahead to next month… I have a couple of Macy’s gift coupons that I’ve been mulling over. And I still need to go through my closet again and identify some items to replace. That honestly might not get done until after spring term is over, but it’s still on my to-do list.

Linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers and these lovely ladies!


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