Head shot lounging

One last ACRL Conference-related post for y’all! (Also see here and here.) One of my favorite memories and takeaways from the conference –and a totally unexpected one! — was the “Head Shot Lounge,” which provided free head shots for anyone willing to stand in the (admittedly long) lines.

Here’s how it appeared in the conference scheduler:

HeadShotLOUNGE info from ACRL Conference

The lounge, which was scheduled to be open Thursday and Friday, as you can read above, even opened for a few hours on Saturday morning.

So how was the experience? It was like class picture day, except for professionals and complete with makeup artists! The line was long, but once you got into the rotation — there were 4 tables with makeup artists plus one photographer — it went pretty quickly.  The makeup artist who worked on me added some concealer, blush, and lipstick to even out my makeup. (She also recommended that I begin applying eye moisturizer to combat my under-eye circles. Know any good brands to try?)

The photographer especially was very quick. But he was also very practical, as he had me extend my chin and tilt my head slightly, as to eliminate any double chin action. That pose felt super unnatural in person, but it looked just fine in the pictures. Then after a quick click, click, click, done, the photographer printed out his personal favorite pic and then emailed all the files to you right then and there!

Here was the picture that he printed out:

Librarian for Life + Style | Head shot lounging

And here are the rest of the pictures from my head shot lounging:

Librarian for Life + Style | Head shot lounging

You can also see my full outfit here in this post from earlier this week.

Have you ever had a professional head shot taken? What do you think of the idea? Please leave a comment and let me know!


8 thoughts on “Head shot lounging

  1. Erin @ Loop Looks

    What a nice conference perk!! I should suggest that to some of the organizations I work with.

    I recently started using Fake Up from Benefit because I got it as a free sample from Ulta. It’s really nice! Concealer and moisturizer in one.

    And, of course, you look lovely. And how awesome that you were wearing your card catalog shirt. That will make you smile every time you look at the photos 🙂

  2. Kezzie

    You look really lovely (and I’ve never said what a cute smile you have! I always love the fact that you smile- there’s lots of more-grumpy looking bloggers out there. Pretty, lovely outfits, nice people but not the happiest of folks in their pics!)
    Re the head shots, no, not had anything done but it would be nice to because I have featured in music programmes, e.g. when I have been the soloist for a concerto and I always cringe at how dreadful my photo is! I want to look all coiffed and pretty!x


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