Spreading the blog love: 9 style bloggers I love and why I love them

March is winding down, and I realized I had never done a post to celebrate Women’s History Month! (Maybe it’s because I’ve been too busy celebrating being a woman… all day, all month, all year… 😉 )

It’s Spring Break week, and I’ve been able to catch up on style blog reading. And as I was going through my Blog Love list of daily style reads, I thought it would be fun to celebrate some of my favorite bloggers and voice some of the reasons why I love them.

Spreading the blog love: 9 style bloggers I love and why I love them

Without further ado…

Loop Looks

Spreading the blog love: 9 style bloggers I love and why I love them

Any list of my favorite bloggers has to begin with Erin @ Loop Looks. She was one of the very first style blogs I ever started reading — and helped inspire me to start my own blog! We’ve swapped clothing (olive cargo vests), done a “Mutually Inspired” series together, and met up in real life when I was last in Chicago. And I even have my own “Loops Looks Inspiration” Pinterest board!

How do I love Erin’s blog and her style? Let me count the ways… 😉 Seriously, I think it comes down to how she’s so relatable. This past year, she’s also been in a style transition due to a job change, and it’s interesting to read about how real life changes affect one’s style.

Respect the Shoes

Spreading the blog love: 9 style bloggers I love and why I love them

Lisa @ Respect the Shoes is THE BEST at taking flat pictures of outfits. Her close-up pics are always so clear and vibrant and interestingly placed. Truly inspiring. (Also, she LOVES patterns and bright colors and, yes, shoes. ♥ )

Not Dressed as Lamb

Spreading the blog love: 9 style bloggers I love and why I love them

For the most practical blogging advice, Catherine @ Not Dressed as Lamb is the best. And she gives advice in a relatable way that feels inspiring (as opposed to shaming). In fact, this post is partly inspired by her “Bloggers You Should Know” series!

What I Wore

Spreading the blog love: 9 style bloggers I love and why I love them

Jessica @ What I Wore was also one of the first style blogs I ever started reading. She likes to mix up her style and remix items, which is inspiring in and of itself, but again and again, I am inspired by her confident posing and strong sense of self that comes through her photos.

Sarah’s Real Life

Spreading the blog love: 9 style bloggers I love and why I love them

For true laugh-out-loud posts, Sarah @ Sarah’s Real Life is my go-to pick-me-up. Sarah is so smart and so witty and so honest. One of my recent faves is her post about her makeup bag.


Spreading the blog love: 9 style bloggers I love and why I love them

I love Fran @ Franish not only for her monthly budgeting bloggers linkup but also for her objectivity in choosing clothes and her practicality about shopping. She is one of the best at explaining WHY she does or doesn’t like something, and she is uncompromising about fit and feeling comfortable.

Also, blast from the past, Fran guest posted on my blog back in summer 2012! (So long ago that it was when her blog was “Franishh” with an extra “h” instead of the current “Franish” moniker.) Check out her “Be my guest:  Franishh” post here!

Merrick’s Art

Spreading the blog love: 9 style bloggers I love and why I love them

For her creative sewing tips alone, Merrick @ Merrick’s Art deserves to be celebrated. I love how she focuses on taking ready-made pieces and adapting them to make something new or better. Very practical. And she is good at giving clear illustrations and directions for her sewing tips and craft projects, which I very much appreciate. She helped inspire my own “Sewing adventures” posts.

Fashion for Giants

Spreading the blog love: 9 style bloggers I love and why I love them

I ♥ Gracey @ Fashion for Giants. For her infectious smile. For her style that is inspiring for us tall(er) ladies. For her love of vintage clothing and thrifting. For being my blogger friend-in-real life. (I miss you. Oregon just isn’t the same without you!)

No wonder I did my very own “I wanna be like Gracey” post last year!


Spreading the blog love: 9 style bloggers I love and why I love them

And last but not least, Cori @ Corilynn, who heads her own independent design shop. She fearlessly mixes patterns and is ALWAYS classy. She expertly demonstrates how dressing like a lady does NOT mean boring. I have pinned soooooooo many of her outfits for inspiration!

Hope you enjoyed this round-up of why and how these 9 bloggers continue to inspire me. These are not the ONLY bloggers who inspire me — there are sooooooo many more stylish women and awesome styles to celebrate on my Blog Love list!

Are any of these blogs are your own personal favorites list? Would you like me to feature more bloggers I love? Please leave a comment and let me know!


24 thoughts on “Spreading the blog love: 9 style bloggers I love and why I love them

  1. Meghan @ Hayes Days

    First, I didn’t know that Lisa had a blog. Dense, I know, but I’ve been following her on IG for years it feels like. Also, I’ve been immensely enjoying Catherine’s blog since clicking through. Her photos are gorgeous.

  2. kezzie

    I like highlighting of other bloggers, it is generous and shares the love. I don’t read any of these blogs, maybe I should check them out. I used to read and comment on Erin’s IM Monday posts but then I didn’t.

    Do you only read blogs with a focus on style and what is it that makes you read someone and ignore someone else? I always find that an interesting read to discover.

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

      Thanks for the support in highlighting other bloggers! Interesting question about what makes me read a blog… or rather, continue to read a blog. My blog love list is not static; it has shifted over time. The blogs I highlight on my style blog love list are mostly focusing on style, although I have different categories (life + style, celebrity style, librarian bloggers). Those aren’t the ONLY blogs I read in real life — just like style blogging isn’t my ONLY hobby in real life — but those are the blogs that I read on a daily basis that are related in outlook to my style blog.

      I wouldn’t say that the only two options are to read a blog or “ignore someone else” — that feels like so harsh a line to draw. I never set out to “ignore” anyone. But it’s like that saying, “So many books, so little time.” In this case, it’s “so many blogs, so little time.” The ones I keep returning to have a voice and a personal perspective that I respond to and want to hear more of. I like reading personal perspectives on style. Although the blogs I highlighted on this initial list have different focuses, they all have in common that sharing of a personal style perspective.

      Anyway, thanks for asking such introspective questions, Kezzie! 🙂

      Cheers, Jen

      1. kezzie

        Cool reply. Yes, there’s only limited time to read blogs, my reading list grows all the time and I find it hard to keep up with commenting on everyone although I like to try and show everyone on my list or who visits that I care at some point, but it gets too busy at times
        I am always so interested to see why people do gravitate towards certain blogs-are there always common features of continuing readership or is it always purely an individual thing?
        Yes, maybe my wording of reading or ignoring or classification is not inclusive enough and yes I guess might seem harsh to put it that way (sorry,not intentional) but I think there is either acknowledgment or not in reading or not reading of blogs one is aware exist, whether it is intentional ignoring or not. One either reads or doesn’t. For instance, there are a small amount of blogs I followed in GFC but it is rare that I go and read the full post or comment because of a lack of dialogue or they are not as interesting as I thought. I’m somehow ignoring them.
        Hope you had a good weekend.x

        1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

          It is an interesting question, to think about why people gravitate toward certain blogs (and then the flip side, why you don’t). It was an interesting reflective exercise for myself as I was putting together and writing the post. I’m sure there’s a social science research thesis in there somewhere… although I won’t be the one to write it! 😉

          In the end, I try not to over-analyze it. You can’t be all things to all people, whether that’s coming from the blogger side or from the reader side. I just try to show the love and appreciation when I can. And that’s why I made the editorial decision early on with my style blog to focus on this being a positive space. I’m not always a happy, positive, smiling person — this blog does not reflect every side of my personality, just as it does not reflect all the different kinds of things I read, in print or online — but this blog is my own little corner of happiness, a deliberate choice on my part. And that’s why in this post, I focused on “spreading the blog love” ❤

  3. Gracey the Giant

    This is a wonderful post, and not just because I was included! It was great to hear why you love the blogs you do and to find new blogs to follow. I already read most of these blogs and am excited to read the couple that I don’t!

  4. Franziska

    awww, thank you so much for including me – isn’t it fun to see how has changed since we started this little hobby? I love all of these ladies already, but they always deserve more attention!

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

      Awesome! As I went through my Blog Love list — which does shift and change over time — I realized that these 9 that I ended up choosing for this initial list (I’d love to do more!) have been ones I have been reading a long time. And I didn’t go about it in any systematic way — I just chose ones that I respond to in an emotional way and then thought about WHY I keep returning to these blogs in my write-ups. An interesting exercise in personal reflection! 🙂

  5. notdressedaslamb

    Jen thank you so much for including me – I really appreciate your lovely comments! There are a few bloggers I know already but I have some lovely new ones to check out too… you’re a sweetheart!!

    Catherine x

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