Lands’ End Spring Wish List

Hey y’all, I got a Lands’ End spring catalog in the mail this past weekend — remember catalogs? they’re so infrequent nowadays that I get excited when I *do* get one in the mail! — and I want ALL THE THINGS. I’ve actually got a couple of Lands’ End gift cards coming my way ($75 worth, via points earned by surveys) plus a 30% off coupon, so this is perfect timing.

Therefore, I need your help! I’ve put together a Lands’ End spring wish list and collage, and I need some help narrowing down my choices. Some of my choices are practical, while others are included solely on “It’s SO PRETTY” reactions. This also helps illustrate where my mind is right now — stripes and gingham!

Librarian for Life + Style | Lands' End Spring Wish List collage


  • Striped wide web belt (currently on sale for $39):  Totally a “it’s so pretty!” inclusion. With the cognac leather trim, it’s kind of similar to my cream-and-cognac stretchy belt, seen here. But it’s SO pretty. And striped.
  • Wide black leather belt (currently on sale for $19.99):  I’ve been wanting a plain black leather belt — I currently have a wide black belt that has a purple front buckle, seen here, which is cool but not as versatile — and this belt has a nice graduated shape to the front.
  • Nautical striped and rope-border scarf (currently $29):  Not like I’m in need of scarves, but this one has red in it, and the nautical print would go with sooooooo many things in my wardrobe.

Gingham shirts:

  • Blue gingham popover tunic ($69):  I like this tunic shape, and this would replace my current blue gingham button-down, seen here, which is a little shrunken on the sleeves and neck. Also, this one is no-iron. 🙂
  • Orange gingham shirt ($59):  Would replace my current orange gingham button-down (same slightly shrunken issue as the blue gingham), seen here. Again, this option is no-iron but a bit spendy.
  • Black gingham shirt ($59):  Would add to my gingham collection, and I’ve been wanting a black gingham shirt for awhile. I like this option — again, no-iron — but the pattern is really small, so the shirt kind of looks grey from a distance. Should I wait and go for a more distinctive gingham pattern?

Patterned tops:

  • Red striped pullover (currently on sale for $34.99):  I’ve been wanting a red striped top. I like the casual feel of this one plus the rounded hem. Is it too casual?
  • Pink striped popover tunic ($69):  Same shape as the blue gingham but in a cheery pink stripe.


So what do y’all think? Please leave a comment and help me decide! 🙂

Please note that this is not a sponsored post. I have been a longtime wearer of Lands’ End clothing and got excited about their new spring catalog!


3 thoughts on “Lands’ End Spring Wish List

  1. Stephanie

    Striped dress for sure. Black belt for practicality. One of the gingham shirts for the replacement value. All so pretty!


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