Closet adventures (February 2015)

The closet adventures continue… 🙂

On the hunt for grey jeans

In early February, I took advantage of a Macy’s 20% off coupon and a $10 gift certificate. I was on the hunt for some grey jeans, and success! I looooooove these “secretly slimming” jeans from Jones New York, as they seem made for women with hips. They’re mid-rise — so no muffin top! — with “slimming panels” that make the tummy feel secure.

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got (February 2015)

  • Grey straight-leg jeans {exact}:  paid $45.20, Jones New York via Macy’s (original price $69, used 20% off coupon + $10 certificate)
  • Long burgundy sweater {similar with zipper detail}:  paid $19.80, Style & Co Macy’s (original price $49.50, on sale for $24.75, used 20% off coupon)

And I’ve already worn both these items:

Librarian for Life + Style | Wearing new items bought in February 2015

left  /  right

Fashion-swapping with a friend

My friend and fellow librarian Stephanie — y’all know Stephanie, right? 😉 — let me know she went through a major rehaul of her closet and was going to donate quite a few items. She then invited me over to look through her donation piles to see if I liked anything. YES and YES.

Librarian for Life + Style | Fashion-swapping with Stephanie

  • Black-and-white diamond-print top {similar}:  FREE
  • Red Hawaiian-print tunic {similar — and by an Hawaiian designer!}:  FREE
  • Grey and black v-neck, long-sleeved t-shirts {similar}: FREE
  • Burgundy long-sleeved t-shirt (not pictured) {similar}:  FREE
  • Navy-and-white striped t-shirt {similar}:  FREE

Librarian for Life + Style | Fashion-swapping with Stephanie

Total savings? If you average the larger items at about $50 apiece, and the tees at $20 apiece, that’s at least a savings of at least $380!

I came away with a lot of nice items, as you can see, including quite a few basics, like solid-colored tees and sweaters. The kind of items I almost never remember to get for myself but which are so useful to have in one’s closet. I have been LIVING in these tees at home, and you’ve already seen me wear the cozy black turtleneck sweater:

Librarian for Life + Style | Winterizing a bandage dress

Budget recap:



Next month, I’ve got some gift cards coming in from doing surveys, and I just found out I won a $100 giveaway for Lulu*s! I also seriously need to go through my closet again and identify items I might need to replace, particularly shoes. I’ll keep y’all posted!

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4 thoughts on “Closet adventures (February 2015)

  1. momofdox

    I did a “closet culling” a couple of weeks ago and was able to give a bunch of things to my friend who is getting married this summer. One dress in particular was obviously purchased specifically for HER, not me – I wore it once, but it’s the wrong shape for me. It’s perfect for HER, tho, and she plans to wear it for her fiance’s Coming Home Day. (He’s been serving our country over in the Middle East.) How fun to be able to bless someone else’s closet!


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