Husband’s style on a casual day out

Like I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to highlight my husband’s style on our casual Valentine’s Day out. I love the dark jeans-and-blazer look, a classic look my husband does well.

Librarian for Life + Style | Husband’s style on a casual day out

Details:  Olive corduroy blazer:  My dad’s, old {similar in dark green}  /  Printed button-down:  Thrifted {similar color in gingham pattern}  /  Brown slip-on loafers: Payless? {similar}  /  Green-edged sunglasses:  Express {similar}

My favorite part is how the green edges of my husband’s sunglasses match the green of his corduroy blazer.

Librarian for Life + Style | Husband’s style on a casual day out

You might notice the bright blue cast my husband is sporting on his left hand. That cast is scheduled to be removed today (!), but it was because of a kitchen accident that resulted in two severed tendons on my husband’s left hand. Ouch! His hand surgery was successful, and he’s now commencing physical therapy. (And yes, he chose the bright blue shade of that cast himself. Apparently, casts come in a multitude of colors nowadays. He was very proud when he came home to show me. 😉 )

And finally, a Valentine’s Day selfie!

Librarian for Life + Style | Selfie on a casual day out


13 thoughts on “Husband’s style on a casual day out

    1. Samuel

      I chose the blue cast with Jennifer’s voice in my head: I knew that color would be the most versatile with my wardrobe, complementing grays and browns and blacks and tans. Glad it looks good with the green, too! 🙂

  1. Stephanie

    I like the combination of the colors in the shirt (pink? something else? I can’t quite tell) and the jacket; also the juxtaposition of the lines of the corduroy and the wavy lines/pattern of the shirt. Nicely played, sir!

    1. Samuel

      Thanks! I’ll let Jennifer tell you about the colors; I’m colorblind and mostly just trust her to tell me when I’ve got the color combos wrong. 🙂 But that shirt? I bought it at a thrift store a few years back for a Halloween costume — I was Bob Ross! — but it quickly became a favorite real-life shirt.

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