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Here’s another glimpse “behind the blog.” Periodically, I’ve highlighted personal spaces in my home, such as this post about my dresser and this post about my nightstand. Today, it’s a look at our master bathroom. Scintillating, I know. 😉 Like I said in my post about the top of my dresser:

I like to have my personal areas — like my nightstand, my study, and the top of my dresser — filled with items that, in addition to being practical, are also pretty, have personal meaning, and make me smile and feel calmer at the start and end of each day.

Librarian for Life + Style | Organizing bathroom counters

Librarian for Life + Style | Bathroom organization

We are lucky to have a long counter in our master bathroom, which has one sink in the middle. That works for us, as Sam gets to have his stuff on the left side of the sink (he’s left-handed), while I have my stuff on the right side (yes, I’m right-handed). I have focused more on the practical side of my nature in the bathroom, but here’s where the “pretty” comes in:

Librarian for Life + Style | Bathroom organization

Pretty and practical! These lotus-shaped miniature bowls make me smile each and every morning. And I’m smiling right now as I look at this picture! I got the row of white bowls at our local Fred Meyer store, and the brightly colored ones at New Seasons. They’re just the right size for separating out items like bobby pins (as you can see, I have three different kinds of bobby pins:  U-shaped, long, and short), hair rubber bands, mini hair clips, etc. And there’s a tray left over to catch jewelry I take off at the end of the day, before I put them back up. The colored bowls coordinate with the brightly colored trays we picked up at IKEA shortly after we moved into our home in fall 2012. I felt trays would really help corralling all our bathroom products together and keep things tidy. And having a defined space helps me keep the number of beauty and hair products down to a manageable number. Plus, trays really do help when cleaning the bathroom! You just pick up the tray and move it out of the way to clean the counters. So easy!

Librarian for Life + Style | Bathroom bird tray

I had originally thought about sleek silver trays or plain white ones for a more minimalist look. But when my husband spied these colorful bird-patterned trays, we both went, “YES!” Why? Because we live in Portland, so yes, we had to “put a bird on it.” 😉 Plus, the bright, cheery pattern has really become a welcome sight on many a dreary morning.

Librarian for Life + Style | Bathroom organization

We got these nickel-and-glass apothecary-style jars a while ago, and they hold basics like Q-tips, cotton balls, and makeup sponges. When my hand mirror is not in use, I hang it on a Command hook above my bathroom products, as you can see below. My hair dryer and flat iron hang out in a special bin on the wall. (And yes, I’m that messy with cords. I didn’t tidy up the cords just for the pics — real life, y’all! 😉 ) I have two more curling irons (one large-barreled, one smaller) in the top drawer on the right, but I’m not using them now that I have short hair. When I use my flat iron, etc., then it’s convenient to put it on the counter space inbetween my tray and the wall — so nothing gets burnt! (Not gonna lie, that has happened before at other places we’ve lived. I’ve melted many a hair product bottle with a curling iron. I am very klutzy, so it’s important for me to think about these kinds of things!) FYI, I store my makeup in the middle drawer on the righthand side. My collection of nail polish is on top of my dresser, as seen here.

Librarian for Life + Style | Bathroom organization

Here’s a closer look at my husband’s side of the bathroom counter. (He gave me permission to share this photo, after I had assured him that I did tidy up his side of the bathroom. Hah!)

Librarian for Life + Style | Bathroom organization

Librarian for Life + Style | Bathroom organization

Hope you enjoyed a personal view of our master bathroom counters! Next week, I’ll be back with a regular outfit post.


4 thoughts on “Counter views

  1. momofdox

    Love the bird trays! We are preparing to remodel our bathroom, so I’m seeking good ideas for the new look. Not sure we will have room for trays, but I do like the idea.


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