Navy + brown tweed

I was perusing my archives from last year on my Galleries page, and I paused when I saw this reader poll fave from last January. I don’t wear this brown tweed skirt all that often, but it’s a classic piece in a classic silhouette, so it will stay in my closet. I decided to keep the basic foundation of last year’s look but updated it with new pieces I’ve since added to my closet.

And instead of my cat Ibsen stealing the spotlight like lst year, this time it’s my Greg Michaels bag! 😉 And remember, Greg Michaels has a reader discount code, fashionista, for 20% off anything on their website. (No expiration date, can be used up to 3 separate times but not in combination with other discounts.)

Librarian for Life + Style | Tweed skirt remixing

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Librarian for Life + Style | Navy + brown tweed


I had fun with the accessories, as I wanted these new earrings, a Christmas gift from my husband, to stand out. They’re such an unusual shape! The earrings are from MOSS Handmade, a local company. This style of earrings is not available online, but you can see similar crocheted options here on the MOSS Handmade website. I also wore this malachite beaded bracelet that I received as a Christmas gift several years ago from a colleague overseas; it’s from her home country of Tanzania.

Librarian for Life + Style | Malachite bracelet + crocheted earrings

Librarian for Life + Style | Navy + brown tweed

Librarian for Life + Style | Navy + brown tweed

I really liked the low-key color combo of navy + brown. My friend and colleague Stephanie took these pics for me at work, and I felt that I was kind of channeling her in this outfit.

Librarian for Life + Style | Crocheted earrings closeup

Librarian for Life + Style | Navy + brown tweed

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9 thoughts on “Navy + brown tweed

  1. Angele

    The whole look is so stylish and put together. The earrings complete the outfit and are indeed very beautiful. What a lovely gift!
    The skirt is so versatile and I like how you combined it with blue.
    That bag is amazing! What a pity they do not deliver to Europe.
    Angele x

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life + Style Post author

      Thanks so much, Angele! My husband has made it kind of a Christmas tradition to gift me Moss Handmade jewelry. A tradition I am totally okay with supporting. 😉

      And it IS a pity Greg Michaels doesn’t ship to Europe — bummer! They’re a new company, so maybe that’s on the horizon…

        1. Angele

          Thanks for your email! I’m SO happy – it’s great discovering new brands & your bag has been on my mind all week….I’m browsing …& swooning! Decisions decisions 🙂



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