Fashion swap report card

I recently revisited my posts highlighting items I have picked up at fashion swaps the past few years, starting in fall 2012, in fall 2013, and in spring 2014. Which items do I still have in my closet? Which items have I donated back for someone else to enjoy? Let’s take a look!

Fall 2012:

Librarian for Life + Style | Fashion swap report card

10 out of 12 items still in my closet. Not bad at all! I definitely scored big-time at a friend’s informal fashion swap back in fall 2012. You can see the original fall fashion swap 2012 post here.

Items I’ve donated:

  • Cotton blue patterned skirt:  I wore this skirt here in this post, but donated it last summer. Very cute but a little big in the waist. The skirt was also unlined and a little clingy when walking.
  • Grey striped asymmetrical skirt:  I wore this skirt once and then donated it. It was a bit too tight in the waist.

Items I’ve kept:

  • Animal print scarf:  Most recently seen here
  • Shiny purple skinny belt:  Seen here
  • Stretchy brown wide belt:  Seen here
  • Sheer navy dotted blouse:  Seen here for work and here for casual
  • Sequined tank top:  Recently seen here
  • Navy beribboned t-shirt:  Seen here
  • Denim a-line skirt:  Seen here and here
  • Sheer floral blouse:  Seen here
  • Navy striped t-shirt:  Seen here — I wear this ALL the time at home.
  • Ivory wool a-line skirt:  Recently seen here

Fall 2013:

Librarian for Life + Style | Fashion swap report card

5 out of 7 items. Not bad, but I didn’t swap as many items last fall at the local, informal fashion swap with friends. You can see the original fall fashion swap 2013 post here.

Items I’ve donated:

  • Black jeans with white stitching:  This never made the blog, as I donated it pretty soon after I got it home. I found the waistline didn’t fit as well as I had thought.
  • Striped tunic:  I really tried to make this top work, even reworking it as seen here and here. Alas, it just never looked right to me.

Items I’ve kept:

  • Patterned silk tunic:  Thanksgiving two-fer last year
  • Silver textured wide belt: Seen here
  • Blue crocheted infinity scarf:  Seen here
  • Orange and gold drop earrings:  Seen here
  • Sheer purple patterned blouse:  Recently seen here

Spring 2014:

Librarian for Life + Style | Fashion swap report card

4 out of 5 items for me  |  3 out of 3 items for Sam

This past spring, Sam and I went to the “largest clothing swap in the NW,” and it was quite big (and impersonal). You can read the original clothing swap spring 2014 post here.

Items I’ve donated:

  • Old Navy jeans:  These never made the blog, as I found the waistline gapped when I got these home

Items I’ve kept:

  • Striped skirt:  I recently unstitched a weird back seam in the skirt, as seen here, and wore this skirt for a New Year’s Eve party
  • Yellow patterned cardigan:  An unexpected find! I’ve worn this many, many times since the spring, as seen here, here, and here.
  • Bracelet:  I’ve worn this a couple of times, although it hasn’t made the blog yet
  • Striped blazer with bow:  I’ve worn this a couple of times, as seen here and here, but I’m still debating on whether or not to keep it

It was an interesting exercise to look back at the items I still have from participating in local fashion swaps. Several pieces have become VIP items in my closet, and best of all, everything was FREE and swapped for items from my closet.

Have you ever been to a clothing or fashion swap? Please leave a comment and let me know.


4 thoughts on “Fashion swap report card

  1. Sarca

    I’ve never been to a fashion swap, but I buy from thrift stores all the time. I’d say there are several pieces that I have “thrifted” that wind up back at the thrift store in a few years – lose weight, fit okay in-store but not when I got home, or simply changed my taste for it. Great post here!

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

      I’d always been a little intimidated by the idea of a fashion swap — and I still felt that way at the “biggest clothing swap in the PNW” last year — but I’ve found the smaller, more informal ones are more about being supportive than being competitive. There are so many different ways to be “thrifty” with one’s wardrobe, aren’t there? 🙂


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