What to wear to a pajama party

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Last year, my husband and I were invited to a New Year’s Eve party, one with a pajama party theme. It was BRILLIANT idea — and the most comfortable I’ve ever been at a party! Everyone wore pajamas or yoga pants, and if I remember correctly, a couple of friends wore adult onesies. I wore a pair of patterned pajamas, slippers, and my “coat” was a bathrobe. Soooo comfy. I also recently got a pair of plaid pajamas, and you never know when a cute pair of pajamas can come in handy! 😉

So if you’re ever invited to a pajama party — trust me, it can happen! — here are some ideas for how to stay both comfy AND classy. Stick with fun patterns — so many options!

  • Layer a patterned robe over leggings or long johns
  • Wear a knit or wool caftan
  • Wear a onesie (with or without attached feet)
  • Wear a classic pair of pajamas — stick with long pants in a winter climate, or a cute (and modest) shorts set in a warmer climate
  • Wear slippers with rubber soles
  • Use a sleeping mask as a fun version of a headband

Librarian for Life + Style | What to wear to a pajama party collage

12/29/16 Update:  I have updated this perennially popular post with links to similar items!


This year, Sam and I have been invited to another friend’s New Year’s Eve party, but one with a fancier dress code. From pajamas one year to fancy party frocks the next! I will back with a post next week about what I wore this year. Until then, Happy New Year!


6 thoughts on “What to wear to a pajama party

  1. carri3

    My school’s spirit week always includes Pajama Day, and it’s my favorite day of all! I usually wear a cute graphic tee and nice pair of pajama pants. So comfortable! 🙂


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