What I got (December 2014)

Looking back this month, I added more to my wardrobe than expected. However, I am pleased that quite a few of those purchases supported local businesses.

Local shopping:

My husband, Sam, and I stopped by Here We Go Again, a local resale boutique I’ve mentioned often before on my blog. They have two locations in Portland, and we stopped by the John’s Landing store one day early in the month. The fact that I had a Chinook Book coupon for the store miiiiiight have been a factor in this spur-of-the-moment decision. 😉 You can see this gorgeous short swing coat in action here in this recent post.

My friend Stephanie and I also decided to go hat-shopping together mid-month (you can see my entire outfit plus the hat shops we visited here in this post). A few days later during another girls’ day out, we also shopped at another local boutique, Twill.

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got (December 2014)

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got (December 2014)

  • Houndstooth plaid short swing coat {similar}, paid $79:  Façonnable (original price $1000+, resale price $84, used $5 Chinook Book coupon)
  • White short-sleeved cardigan {similar}, paid $19:  Brooks Brothers (original price around $150?, resale price $35, on clearance for $19)
  • Black cap {similar}, paid $34:  Betmar via Button hat boutique
  • Red + black graphic tunic/dress {similar} {similar}, paid $42:  NICO LA for Twill boutique
  • Yellow rose  stud earrings {very similar}, paid $0:  Kirsten Elise for Twill boutique (original price $10, free with $10 off Chinook Book coupon)

Shopping online:

I had a $50 JCPenney e-gift card (earned from doing surveys online), and I used it to purchase a few basics, including a couple of lightweight sweaters. As winter truly begins, I realized that I need more sweaters to get through the season. I also took a chance on another sleeveless black top, after the disappointing mix-up when trying to purchase one at Kohls.com last month. I also took advantage of the sales online before Christmas!

Also, to take advantage of free shipping for orders over $49 — I ended up paying only $3 for 4 items! — I added this printed t-shirt to my shopping cart. The print is of eyeglasses!!! Sooooo perfect for a librarian, eh? 8-D

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got (December 2014) collage

  • Black crewneck sweater {exact}, paid $0:  JCPenney (original $30, on sale for $17.99, 20% discount code for $14.39)
  • Black-and-white grid sweater {exact}, paid $0:  JCPenney (original $36, on sale for $24.99, 20% discount code for 19.99)
  • Black sleeveless top {exact}, paid $0:  JCPenney (original $22, on sale for $12.99, 20% discount for $10.39)
  • Cap-sleeve print tee {exact}, paid $3:  JCPenney (original $30, on sale for $9.99, 20% off discount for $7.99)


Christmas gifts:

I received some lovely pieces of jewelry for Christmas:  a pair of dangly heart-shaped earrings from my friend Stephanie; a pair of MOSS Handmade rectangle-shaped earrings from my husband (he also gifted me a pair of MOSS Handmade earrings last Christmas); and a bracelet and chunky statement necklace from my in-laws.

My husband and Stephanie had similar ideas for what to get me for Christmas, as they also both got me gift coupons for Here We Go Again, the local resale boutique I mentioned at the start of this post. More resale shopping for me next year, yay! 😀

Librarian for Life + Style | Jewelry Christmas gifts

Complimentary items:

For full disclosure and transparency, I was fortunate to receive a few complimentary items this month from Greg Michaels for review purposes. This included 3 jewelry items (a bracelet, a pair of hoop earrings, and a necklace) and, later, a leather handbag of my choice. My review for the jewelry can be found here, and my review of the handbag will be up later this week. In the meantime, below is a sneak peek of the handbag.

Librarian for Life + Style | A review of Greg Michaels jewelry

Librarian for Life + Style | Greg Michaels blue tote bag

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