SIA: At the piano

It’s Jess’s turn to curate the Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenge. She felt the itch for something specifically neutral-looking and came across this 1858/59 painting, “At the Piano,” by James McNeill Whistler. This painting was considered Whistler’s first masterpiece; the two females in the painting are his half-sister and niece. You can read more about this painting here at the Taft Museum of Art website.

At the Piano,1858–59, James Abbott McNeill Whistler

At the Piano,1858–59, James Abbott McNeill Whistler

The colors are quite lovely, with the deep, plush red of the carpets, gilt edging of the paintings, and the cherry wood tones of the piano. And of course, there are the contrasting colors of black and white of the two female figures.

How do you participate in SIA? It’s open for both bloggers and non-bloggers! All you have to do is send a picture of something you’ve worn inspired by this week’s SIA choice. The deadline is next Monday night, Dec. 15, and send your pics directly to Jess will then post the round-up shortly thereafter on her blog, Animated Cardigan.


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