SIA: Inspiration on parade

It’s SIA round-up time! This week for the Style Imitating Art challenge, I chose the 1952 short film “Parade, or Here They Come Down our Street,” made by husband-and-wife artist duo Charles and Ray Eames, best known for their modern furniture designs.

First up, my friend and colleague Stephanie, who went with a red theme up top, and pulled in metallics with the earrings and the twinset embroidered with small sparkly beads. I also love the boldly striped scarf! (And her braids.)

Stephanie's SIA outfit

Next is veteran SIA participant Erin @ Loop Looks, who submitted a gorgeous photo of her and her niece. Erin thought their outfits worked well together for the theme — and I totally agree! There’s the gilt edging from her niece’s gold-sequined cardigan and Erin’s statement necklace, there’s plaid and pattern-mixing, and best of all, there’s the adorable and happy vibe coming through loud and clear (even in the cold and snow!). I am SO IN LOVE with this photo — and I think we could all agree on crowning Erin’s niece the queen of the SIA inspiration parade!

SIA outfits from Erin and her niece

SIA co-founder Salazar @ 14 Shades of Grey absolutely nailed the inspiration with pattern-mixing her dotted chambray shirt and paisley scarf. And there’s even MORE pattern-mixing in the closeups on her original blog post! I think my favorite detail is how Salazar tied the scarf — such a cool touch.

Salazar's SIA outfit

The clown-in-the-car screenshot inspired many of us, including Kezzie, Jess, and yours truly.

Screenshot from 'Parade' short film by Charles and Ray Eames, 1952

Kezzie looks super colorful, super cheerful, and super cute! In particular, I am loving Kezzie’s mustard-colored beret and her bright pink coat. And a brooch on the cowl neck of her sweater — that’s an idea I will have to keep in mind for later!

Kezzie's SIA outfit

Jess @ Animated Cardigan is back with her first outfit post since her surgery. Definitely a reason to celebrate! As is her sweet patterned sweater. And her purple suede wedges. More pics and closeups on her blog post!

Jess's SIA outfit

Finally, there’s me in a bright blue sweater and patterned ankle pants. The smiley face balloon is both a way to tap into the vivid, cheerful vibe of the short film, as well as to celebrate my mom’s birthday! 🙂 You can view more photos and close-up of the accessories in yesterday’s post.

Librarian for Life + Style | SIA: Celebrate

This short film was definitely an out-of-the-box choice for SIA, so a huge thanks to everyone who participated. I’m loving all the colors and patterns — and best of all, the happy smiles coming through all the pics! I think we all nailed the joyous vibe of the short film, so I hope y’all feel the joy reading this post, as well! 😀

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! Also, be sure to check out the Animated Cardigan blog next Monday, as it will be Jess’s turn to curate the SIA challenge next.


5 thoughts on “SIA: Inspiration on parade

      1. Kezzie

        Ooops, I was trying to reply to Salazar!
        I love this round up- Jess’ sweater is my favourite item but I really like all the details on everyone’s outfits- Your amazing top and trousers and Salazar’s great scarf/shirt combo! Stephanie’s colours are really pretty. Erin’s photo is very endearing.


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