Thankful for autumn layers

From bandage dresses one day to a post all about overcoats and outerwear the very same week. Variety is the spice of life, right? One of the many things to be thankful for.

Speaking of which, Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers!

Recently, Sam and I took the opportunity to walk through our neighborhood park and enjoy the crisp autumn weather. We also took the opportunity to take pics of each other’s outerwear. Yes, for those of you who love my husband’s style, there are BONUS PICS of sartorial handsomeness coming your way. More things to be thankful for! 😉

But first, another look at the purple-and-olive wool coat y’all so loved the last time I wore it. But this time, the vibe is decidedly more casual — gotta love a versatile coat! — paired with boot-cut jeans, scuffed brown ankle boots I’ve had since high school (!), cowl-neck sweater, and newsboy cap.

Librarian for LIfe + Style | Thankful for autumn layers


Librarian for LIfe + Style | Thankful for autumn layers

Librarian for LIfe + Style | Thankful for autumn layers

A bonus selfie! Hats and plaids and coats, oh my! 😉

Librarian for LIfe + Style | Autumn selfie

Finally, as promised, a full shot of my husband’s master skills at layering and pattern-mixing. He is also wearing his Scottish heritage with pride, complete with a scarf in the Fraser hunting tartan plus a plaid “walking hat” that he picked on our Scotland trip in 2008.

Librarian for LIfe + Style | Sam is thankful for autumn layers

Happy Thanksgiving!


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