A foxy trend for fall

I’ve noticed a foxy trend for fall! Recently perusing the ModCloth site, I have come across so many cute and interesting fox-patterned items — and in such a variety of items, from velvet heels to scarves to cardigans. Fox prints really are perfect for fall, aren’t they? Their orange-y color is just the right palette for the season.

I rounded up my faves into a Polyvore post — oh, so foxy!

Librarian for Life + Style | So Foxy! collage

Details (top to bottom, left to right):  Grey fox t-shirt  /  Fox cardigan  (coming soon) /  Fox and paw-printed scarf  /  Fox wilderness dress  /  Fox belt in cognac  /  Fox belt in black  /  Fox knee socks  /  Fox patterned tank top  /  Fox t-shirt with 3/4 sleeves  /  Fox velvet heels

Any foxy faves? What fall trend are you enjoying? Leave a comment and let me know! 🙂


6 thoughts on “A foxy trend for fall

  1. Stephanie

    Not to tempt you, but I saw the fox t-shirt with 3/4 sleeves recently at Twill on Belmont… I could totally see you in one of the belts. I have a yen for the cardigan (surprise!).


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