Changes to the style blog

Some of y’all might have noticed a few recent changes to the style blog. Some of these changes are simple updates I’ve wanted to do for awhile, while others have come about because of changes to WordPress policies.

Librarian for Life + Style | CollaborateFirst off, I found out last week that WordPress had changed its policies about affiliate links + sponsored posts (they used to be no-no’s, unless you decided to self-host your site). Affiliate links that are images are still prohibited, but text affiliate links are now allowed. I have decided to take advantage of these changed policies, which I link to and detail in my new Collaborate page, which is also linked on my main menu above. I have expanded my Disclaimer section on the right side of this blog, as well, to alert readers about affiliate links.

Librarian for Life + Style | DisclaimerWhat does this mean for y’all, dear readers? Not much, actually. There is NO COST to you if you click on any affiliate link — I’ve started adding links like “similar” or “exact” in my outfit details — but I gain a few cents for every affiliate link you click on. This marks the first time I will have made money off this style blog; hopefully, the few cents per click will add up to cover the blog file storage I pay for annually, as well as for a possible domain upgrade in the future. I have signed up with ShopStyle for keeping track of the affiliate links.

There might be the possibility of sponsored posts in the future, as those are also now allowed by WordPress, but I will always disclose that when/if needed. In the past, I have received a few free items of clothing to review, as seen here and here, but please know that ALL content on this blog will continue to be written by me (or edited by me, if it’s a guest post) and reflect my own personal beliefs, opinions, and experiences. Also, any future sponsored posts will be of products or services I actually use or believe in; I have turned down opportunities or style challenges in the past because the companies or products did not match my personal outlook or budgetary reality. Truth be told, I have no grandiose goals or five-year plans for this blog. It will continue to be a personal style blog, featuring daily outfits and style musings of a librarian on a budget — and I hope it will continue to be a fun side venture for me, as well as for y’all!

Librarian for Life + Style | Main menu options

In addition to the new Collaborate page, you might also have noticed another new link on the main menu for Galleries. Here is where you can go directly to the monthly retrospective round-up posts. (I got this idea from blogger pal Erin @ Loop Looks. Thanks, Erin, for the inspiration!)

I am on the fence about the main menu links for Polyvore Posts, Faves and Seasons. What do y’all think? Ditch or keep the Polyvore Posts, Faves and/or Seasons? Or do you have a suggestion for something you DON’T see and wish I did? Should I add a shortcut link for SIA-related posts?

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks in advance!


2 thoughts on “Changes to the style blog

  1. isabellabatts

    This sounds like a great next step for you and the blog! You put a lot of great work into this project, and you deserve to have the costs covered at the very least. I think a shortcut for SIA-related posts would be a helpful addition!



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