Tunic + leggings

Like I mentioned on Monday, I’ve got a few more work outfit pics in the hopper, even though I’ve finished up for the academic year. I wore this tunic + leggings combo on an extra casual Friday doing odds and ends on my end-of-the-year to-do list.

Yes, I have a pretty casual work environment, so this look may not be possible at your workplace. But you could convert this to a more work-appropriate look by donning slim ankle pants, for example, and closed-toe flats or heels.

Librarian for Life + Style | Tunic + leggings

Librarian for Life + Style | Tunic + leggings

I felt very comfortable in this outfit — no surprise — and my friend Stephanie commented on how coordinated everything was. My berry-colored leggings pick out the accent color in my tunic, black hoops and studs match my black t-strap sandals, and my toe nail polish is a slightly deeper shade than my leggings. I actually didn’t think about color-coordinating anything — it just comes naturally. I am my mother’s daughter. 🙂

Librarian for Life + Style | Tunic + leggings

Details:  Black floral tunic:  White House Black Market, gift-carded at local resale boutique this spring  /  Berry leggings:  Spanx for Kohl’s, gift-carded this winter  /  Black t-strap sandals:  Payless, gift from my mom, summer 2012?  /  Black metal hoop earrings:  Made in Oregon, Christmas gift from my in-laws, 2011

Librarian for Life + Style | Tunic + leggings

Librarian for Life + Style | Tunic + leggings

I actually debated on whether or not to show this look on my blog, but (1) I wore it, and (2) I’m demonstrating one of my core sartorial beliefs:  that LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS.

There are lots of HILARIOUS posts with this increasingly needed Public Service Announcement, like this personal favorite here from Pinterest Told Me To, which I highly recommend reading. So how is this post any different? I thought about it and realized that as a librarian — one who works with the public and has regular shifts at a Reference Desk — I often get a close-up, eye-level view of the waistline of library users. The desk just hits naturally at that general spot, give or take a few inches depending on how tall the person is. And when a female comes up to the Reference Desk and is mistakenly wearing leggings as pants (an increasing occurrence, it feels like), I often think to myself, “I know TOO MUCH ABOUT YOU already, and you haven’t even said hello yet.” TMI, y’all, T. M. I.

For those of you who also work at different kinds of public service desks, I’m sure you can commiserate. 😉

Librarian for Life + Style | Tunic + leggings

And what gets to me is that it is SO easy to correctly wear leggings. I am new to leggings, I admit — this is my first year ever (!) to wear leggings — but I feel like I’ve already mastered the “leggings are not pants” style principle. Simply layer another item of clothing (a long shirt, a long tank top, tunic, dress, skirt, etc.) so that everything is covered, front and back, by this extra layer. Leggings should only be visible BELOW the line of your rear end.

Sorry to get all capsy on y’all, but we NEED these reminders in our lives. And if you are someone who is wondering, “What’s the big deal?” then (a) you’re probably not a regular reader of this blog, and (b) BELIEVE ME, it is a BIG DEAL.

If you need a final visual, here’s a parting shot (and outtake) of me practicing what I preach. As you can see, everything is covered and good to go. Thumbs UP, y’all. 😉

Librarian for Life + Style | Tunic + leggings

Hope y’all have a TGI Friday instead of a TMI Friday! 😀

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16 thoughts on “Tunic + leggings

  1. Erin @ Loop Looks

    I was on the train yesterday with a girl wearing leggings as pants…except her leggings were basically see-thru. So now I know she was wearing a black lace thong under her black leggings. WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

      Eeeeeeek, that is a modern horror story. When we visited Vancouver this spring, it felt like the “leggings as pants” was reaching epidemic proportions. One lady in particular, I remember, had a top that was long enough to cover her bottom, but in front, the top parted and raised like a curtain — like a spotlight on her lady parts. I wanted to say to her, “No! Lower the curtain!” 😉

      1. Amber @ Section 391

        Those last couple of sentences made me snort laugh so loudly that it scared my sleeping dog! Brava! Also, I wanted to mention that my reference desk horror stories usually start with males who need to…er…adjust themselves. Stop it!

  2. Sarca

    For me, leggings and yoga pants stay at home. They’re comfy and all but, I don’t want people seeing …things. It’s seriously a PSA lol

  3. Marissa

    Amen, sista. You’ve got the rules down for sure. I really loved this look and am obsessed with the berry leggings! Thanks for linking up to Sunday Best! 🙂

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