Packing for Vancouver

Today, I wanted to share the travel wardrobe I packed for our quick Spring Break trip last week to Vancouver, BC. (FYI, tomorrow’s post will feature highlights from our trip, so stay tuned!) I will admit an ulterior motive in putting together today’s post; due to the outerwear, it looks like I’m wearing the same outfit in practically every pic Sam took of me during our travels. So this is to prove that I did pack and wear different clothes! 😉

Librarian for Life + Style | Vancouver travel essentials collage

I started with a foundation of travel essentials — and the main reasons why it looks like I wore the same thing each day! These essentials included  a raincoat, flat boots, and a crossbody bag. All of these pieces were chosen for practicality. The raincoat was a no-brainer, and as it’s lined, it was also quite warm for chilly 40-50 degree days. The flat boots were perfect for walking-intensive days, and the crossbody bag was rubber-lined to withstand the spring rains. Even though the bag was a smaller size than I had originally envisioned for a travel bag, it was actually great for traveling as it forced me to pare down what I put in it, and it wasn’t too heavy.

Around those three essentials, I added pieces in a color palette of mostly purple, grey, and black. I don’t like to wear a lot of jewelry while traveling, so I kept accessories to a minimum. And everything fit into a carry-on suitcase, by the way.

  • Bottoms:  black skinny jeans; dark denim skinny jeans; grey wool midi-skirt; grey and black fleece-lined leggings (to serve as tights)
  • Tops:  purple cowl-neck sweater; black long-sleeved t-shirt; purple long-sleeved t-shirt; black-and-white striped shirt; red striped sweater; olive cargo vest
  • Accessories:  black-and-white patterned scarf; silver earring studs

Librarian for Life + Style | Packing for Vancouver collage

Here is how I remixed these items for the 6-day trip:

  • Black-and-white striped shirt + skinny jeans + cargo vest (traveling outfit, to and from)
  • Red striped sweater + black jeans + scarf
  • Purple sweater + grey skirt + black leggings
  • Purple t-shirt + black jeans + cargo vest + scarf
  • Black t-shirt + grey skirt + black leggings + scarf

Tip:  If you have a cargo vest, I highly recommend using it while traveling! I’ve worn one on every trip I’ve taken since getting one over a year ago. Those pockets really come in handy for storing smaller items, like hair ties, lens cleaning cloth, medications, chapstick, etc.

And, yes, I had all of this planned out on a memo app on my phone. I’m a librarian — I like to organize things and make lists! It’s half the fun. 😉


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