Can’t get enough

Like my blogger friend Erin @ Loop Looks, I can’t seem to get enough of black and white printed tops. I have at least ten, but they are all different, of course. Let’s break down the different prints on these tops:

  • Abstract chevron stripes (tie, sleeveless)
  • Triangle shapes (ruffled, sleeveless)
  • Paintbrush-like shapes (sheer, sleeveless)
  • Polka-dotted (ruffled, sleeveless)
  • Wide double stripes (long sleeves)
  • Mini stripes (tank top)
  • Paisley patterned tunic (sheer, 3/4 sleeves)
  • Floral with piping (cap sleeves)
  • Vines with lace trim (sleeveless)
  • Floral with lace trim (sleeveless)


Librarian for Life + Style | Black + white printed tops collage

Top row (left to right):  1  /  2  /  3  /  4
Middle row:  1  /  2
Bottom row:  1  /  2  /  3  /  4

And it should come as no surprise that when I looked through my Most Loved Items list on ModCloth, I spotted no less than 6 black and white printed tops that I had added recently. I mean, I totally don’t have a wicker-patterned black and white top in my collection.

Can’t. Get. Enough. 😉

Librarian for Life + Style | Can't Get Enough: Black & white printed tops collage

Do you have a weakness for a certain color or pattern in your wardrobe? Leave a comment and let me know.

And yay, we are done with winter — the season as well as the term. Yep, we’re off for Spring Break! But I’ve got posts all lined up for next week, no worries.

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4 thoughts on “Can’t get enough

  1. Lauren

    The only black and white printed top I have is a striped t-shirt! I look when I go thrift shopping but haven’t had any luck yet. I think I like the one you paired with your pink skirt the best!
    Visiting from the Favorite Fashion Friday link up 🙂
    Exploring My Style


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