Kendra’s Night Out Challenge

I was so flattered when earlier this week, travel expert and TV spokesperson Kendra Thornton invited me to participate in her “Night Out Challenge.”

The challenge? Kendra’s heading out to Las Vegas in a few weeks with friends, and she’s looking for ideas on a outfit to wear on a night out at the Palms. She’s especially looking forward to visiting the Scarlet Bar, which is known for its dramatic lighting. As Kendra put it, she “can’t have the décor outshining” her. You can read more details in this attachment, HelpMeStepOutinSinCityinStyle.

So I went for some statement sparkle and mix of textures in my inspiration board:

Librarian for Life + Style | Kendra's Night Out Challenge: Las Vegas collage

The starting point was a deceptively simple white dress that has an amazing texture up close. I thought the white would hold up well under the dramatic lighting and complement Kendra’s blonde hair. The short, full skirt would show off Kendra’s legs, and the cut is classically feminine and sexy without being over-the-top. Also, the dress could easily work for a more casual daytime look if paired with flats or sandals, so it makes a great transitional day-to-night dress.

To take it up a notch for a nighttime look, I added a lot of sparkle with a statement necklace, and the gold in the necklace is echoed in the gold chain detail on the heels. (Are those AWESOME heels or what?! And scarlet shoes for the Scarlet Bar? I couldn’t resist. 😉 ) I went neutral with the other accessories due to the standout statement necklace and shoes, but still added to the texture mix with a silk shawl (air conditioning can be freezing, so I always bring a shawl with me on nights out) and a leather clutch in a subtle animal print.

What’s especially great about this challenge is that I’ll be visiting Las Vegas for the first time this summer (it’s the location for the next ALA Conference). So I saw this style board challenge as a fun practice run!

What would you wear on a night out in Las Vegas? Leave a comment and let me know.


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