What I got (January 2014)

A new year of budgeting blogger posts! And this year, I am clothes-shopping with more purpose. It’s not just about gift cards and coupons (although I will still utilize those whenever I can, of course). I went through and reviewed my closet between Christmas and New Year’s and put together a list of items on my phone (so I can always refer to it when we’re out) that I still need to fill gaps in my wardrobe — items like a grey blazer, navy shoes, and a black pencil skirt. So Sam and I agreed, we would only buy new items that matched what was on this list.

The other side of my more-purposeful shopping plan for this year is to focus on replacing items in my current wardrobe. I started doing this the last couple of months, and it felt really good to upgrade or replace well-worn items. And the by-product of this — and why I think it feels so good — is recognizing those well-loved items that have proven so useful over the years. It feels like I am friends with my closet now. 🙂

I did a lot of shopping this month, thanks to Christmas gift cards, coupons, and major winter sales. Let’s hit it!

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got from Kohl's: January 2014 collage

My mother was quite generous in gifting me a Kohl’s gift card for Christmas, which I put to good use during a 15% off everything (even clearance) New Year’s weekend sale at Kohl’s. I stocked up on “socks and underwear” — or more precisely, sleepwear, leggings, and hosiery — as you can see above. These kinds of items are ones that I almost never purposely buy, but they were the main intent of my first shopping trip of the year. I *also* earned $30 Kohl’s cash during my initial shopping trip; you earned $10 for every $50 purchased, and I was delighted that they counted the gift card in those purchasing totals. So I went back the following week and picked up another pair of those Spanx leggings at Kohl’s, which after my Kohl’s cash AND another 15% off coupon, cost only a few bucks. Thanks, Mom!

My oh-so-adorable grey-and-orange-striped pajamas have gone through the laundry cycle a few times already, and you’ve already seen my mulberry leggings here and my cream blouse and leopard-spotted belt here. Although they haven’t made it to the blog yet, I’ve worn the royal blue tights a couple of times already. The other pair of tights I bought (they were having a “buy one, get one 1/2 off” deal) has a grey-and-black houndstooth pattern, which I find both subtle and cheeky at the same time. 🙂

So, all in all, we cleaned up really well at Kohl’s — saving over $200!

TOTAL = $32.30
SAVINGS = $223.70 (includes $125 gift card + $30 Kohl’s cash + coupons + in-store deals and markdowns)

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got from Macy's: January 2014 collage

We shopped at Macy’s a few times this month, as I had a $100 gift card from credit card points plus a variety of coupons, including ones for $15 off, 15% off, and 20% off. I checked off several items on my core shopping list: navy shoes, olive skinnies, a grey blazer, and a chic raincoat. This grey blazer is the same design as the navy blazer I picked up last year, so I know this classic, seamed design will serve me well for years. This item was the most expensive of this batch, but I still got almost $40 off the original $99 price.

The raincoat search took awhile, as I wanted one with a removable hood and the design/size be roomy enough to allow for layers underneath but not look too bulky. I wanted a black one, as well, as I already have lighter-weight coats in tan, navy, and red. This raincoat brand is London Fog, so I’ll know it will last for years, plus it came with a free plaid scarf! And I spent $0 on this raincoat, using my gift card toward its purchase, and after sales, it was $89 down from an original price of $200. 😀

The olive ankle pants were on clearance (only $12, marked down from $69), and I talked about my navy patent leather shoes last week in this post.

TOTAL = $131.68
SAVINGS = $305.76 (includes $100 gift card + coupons + in-store deals and markdowns)

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got from Old Navy: January 2014 collage

I had a couple of Old Navy gift cards, one with a bit left over from last month, and another from my giveaway prize, as detailed here in last month’s budget post. I also used a $10 off $50 coupon (a couple of items my husband picked up for himself helped meet that total so that the savings kicked in).

The bootcut jeans in the “Flirt style” and tall sizing, is a replacement item. My tall boot-cut jeans from the Gap, seen here, were several years old and a bit too snug now for comfort, so I replaced them with this new Old Navy pair. So far, so good! 🙂

TOTAL = $6.26
SAVINGS = $65.19

Overall, a decent start to the new year, and it feels good to shop with renewed purpose and practicality.


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8 thoughts on “What I got (January 2014)

  1. Ashley

    I have had “olive skinnies” on my wishlist for a while – I love yours so much! You did really well and I am loving your clothing purchase plan for this year. I have been thinking about replacing some well-loved items in my closet too! I actually feel pretty good about spending money on that, because like you said – you know the items are well-loved!


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