Most viewed posts of 2013

Yep, a new year, another retrospective post. After the poll closes for your favorite outfit of December (vote here!), then I’ll be back next week with a more comprehensive look back at personal faves in 2013. 🙂

Right now you can enjoy the top 5 posts from 2013, the posts that got the most views throughout last year. Running themes? Y’all like me in black-and-white — and (re)mixing it up! Also, 4 of the 5 top posts are are casual looks, and the blog posts titles are all pretty descriptive. July posts took 2 spots of the top 5, and September posts earned 3 places in the top 10. Hmmm … very interesting.

#1:  The versatility of black and white stripes

Librarian for Life + Style | The versatility of black and white stripes

This post, with almost 800 individual views, got a LOT of traffic from the One Piece Many Ways Link Up at Audrey’s Putting Me Together style blog. This scooter store mural became one of my favorite backdrops and photo shoots. And the black-white-and-cognac color scheme resonated with a lot of readers. 🙂

#2:  Pattern-mixing a chevron striped dress

Librarian for Life + Style | Pattern-mixing a chevron striped dress

Another post boosted by the One Piece, Many Ways  linkup at Putting Me Together! Plus, it got some love being featured on Wardrobe Wednesday @ Kiwi Womens Style. ♥ Pattern-mixing for the win!

#3:  7 x 7 remix challenge

Librarian for Life + Style | 7x7 remix challenge collage

This post benefited from the 7 x 7 remix challenge at Ma Nouvelle Mode. More black & white stripes (via the tank top) and more remixing. Taking notes, y’all. 😉

#4:  Polka dot mixer

Librarian for Life + Style | Polka dot mixer

This one surprised me, gotta be honest. The post definitely benefited from being part of the “Take One, Pass It On,” started by Sarah’s Real Life, and from inspiring Erin @ Loop Looks to remix her own interpretation. I like the polka-dot pattern-mixing, but those grey tights stop me short. I would go for black tights next time (like Erin did!).

#5:  Wearing a maxi dress as a maxi skirt

Librarian for Life + Style | Wearing a maxi dress as a maxi skirt

Another casual look! And the second in a row employing one of my favorite tricks, to wear a dress as a skirt. I ♥ layering. As well as the deep fuchsia color of this maxidress. This post got a lot of referrals from the Style Me Friday linkup at The Fashionista Next Door, as well as from being featured in Friday Style @ Simple Easy Style.

And if y’all are interested, here are the rest of the posts rounding out the top 10:

#6: Easter style, then and now  //  #7: Slouchy cool  //  #8: Adapting a classic

Librarian for Life + Style | 2013 most viewed posts, numbers 6-8

#9: Pops of yellow  // #10: A walk in my shoes

Librarian for Life + Style | 2013 most viewed posts, numbers 9-10

Any personal faves not listed here? Please leave a comment and let me know! 🙂

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