What I got (December 2013)

Wow, a whole year of budgeting posts! On this last day of 2013, let’s see what I bought this past month, shall we? Here’s a quick (representative) peek:

Librarian for Life + Style | What I Got (December 2013) collage

As mentioned on my Facebook page, my beloved red patent leather tote bag recently called it quits after 5 years of consistent use. (One of the handles split off.) I found having a red bag really quite versatile, so I set about replacing it. I found this tote bag at Fred Meyer — and on sale! The key for me in a tote bag is to find one big and sturdy enough for work files and a laptop, if needed. And a fun lining doesn’t hurt. 😉

TOTAL = $36.00
(original price = ~ $75.00)

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got (December 2013)

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got (December 2013)

In the middle of the month, I received a 20% coupon via email for the Here We Go Again local resale boutique. I’ve visited the Broadway branch several times, but this time around, Sam and I traveled to the John’s Landing branch on the other side of the river. It seems that we always find a deal at this resale boutique!

TOTAL = $110.20
(original price = ~ $350.00)

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got (December 2013)

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got (December 2013)

My husband spotted the wool coat with the olive-and-purple houndstooth pattern. The empire waist style is similar to my grey Vienna coat, and it’s my first coat that’s patterned! The label says “Via,” which from some quick Googling, looks like a label from Victoria’s Secret.

I also picked up a pair of navy bootcut cords. The texture of these cords is so fine that it looks — and feels — like velvet. Sam was not that impressed when I pulled them off the rack, but once I tried them on, he was a convert. 😉 I like that they’re as comfortable as jeans, but because of the texture, they would still look professional enough for work, even on teaching days.

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got (December 2013)

The label says AG Adriano Goldschmied, and turns out, there are some similar pairs (skinny jeans style instead of bootcut) still available online! The pairs online are on sale for a little over $100 (down from an original price of $172), but it feels great to have gotten them for waaaaaay less at $59!

I could NOT get a very good picture of the navy cords, but Sam did get a picture of me wearing both the pants and the coat out of the store. Yes, I liked the pants and coat both so much that I could not bear to take them off! Always a good sign. 🙂

Librarian for Life + Style | Thrifted overcoat

Librarian for Life + Style | Thrifted cords

I thought I was all done with this post, and then on the last weekend in December, my husband and I took a spontaneous twirl through Imelda’s Shoes while we were in the Pearl District … and ended up with new rain boots (for me) and a new fedora (for Sam). At our shopping trip to Here We Go Again, I spied olive green Hunter rain boots in my size (!) and got SO excited … until I tried them on and found out that they were too tight around the calves. Major bummer. But they had a different style of Hunter rain boots at Imelda’s, a style with more give in the calf area. They’re a dark navy (which I first thought was grey — the patina does have a greyish tint to it, right?) with a fun bit of pink trim in the back. I tried them on, and Sam’s reaction was thus:  “That’s a Jennifer kind of shoe.” 😀

TOTAL= $150

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got (December 2013)

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got (December 2013)

I was also lucky enough last month to win a great giveaway from Tara @ Penniless Socialite, a $25 Avon coupon + $25 Old Navy/Gap gift card, sponsored by Kemi @ Beauty Style Growth. Before Thanksgiving, I selected some Avon products online at www.youravon.com/kemi  and received the package — along with a few extra freebes from Kemi — right before Christmas. A lovely gift! 🙂 I chose a face perfector formula with SPF15 (really lightweight with invisible coverage) and three cream eyeshadows (left to right: cool grey, pebble stone, and winter taupe).

TOTAL = $0
(coupon value = $25)

Librarian for Life + Style | AVON giveaway choices

Librarian for Life + Style | AVON giveaway

Last but not least, I received some lovely, stylish gifts for Christmas, including a hand-knitted cowl scarf from my friend Stephanie (last seen here), a chevron tote from my mother-in-law (which will be perfect for a beach tote!), and a gorgeous earring-and-necklace set from my husband (MOSS Handmade jewelry, with its distinctive crocheted lace). Also, my mom sent me a Kohl’s gift card! 🙂

Librarian for Life + Style | Knitted scarf Christmas gift

Librarian for Life + Style | Tote bag Christmas gift

Librarian for Life + Style | MOSS Handmade jewelry Christmas gift

GRAND TOTAL = $296.20

It was a relatively quiet shopping month to finish off the year, which felt good in an otherwise heavy Christmas- shopping month. Best of all, I’ve got some gift cards to start off the new year! 🙂

Any favorites?

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18 thoughts on “What I got (December 2013)

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

      Actually … I didn’t. I found an olive green pair at the resale shop but they couldn’t get around my larger calves — and then found this (even more) gorgeous navy pair at Imelda’s Shoes. Still really happy I found Hunter boots that actually fit me — and wish the best for whoever scored that olive green pair at the resale boutique! 🙂

  1. Ashley

    Haha I love that you wore the pants and coat out of the store! That is definitely a good sign! And yay for Hunters! I have a pair and I love them (a little too much!)!

  2. Erin @ Loop Looks

    Wow! Those cords do fit you perfectly! What a find. And my AG jeans are the most expensive pair of pants I’ve ever owned so you really did get a great deal on yours.

    And what is it with rain boots being so narrow in the calves?? Great that you found some that work for you, though. The ones you picked are very classy!


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