A smorgasbord of librarian style

It has certainly been a week for featuring librarian style, eh? You’re welcome. 🙂

Earlier this fall during a staff training session, my friends and fellow librarians realized their outfits all color-coordinated with each other, with different yet complementary shades of mustard, teal, and burgundy. So they took a pic for me and my style blog — so sweet! (And what was I wearing that day of staff training? Click here to find out.)

Behold, dear readers, a master class in fall layering:

Librarian for Life + Style | A smorgasbord of librarian style

Left to right: Amanda, Heather, Amy, and Kerry, pictured in our library classroom

Y’all might recognize Heather and Amy, who have graced my blog before, seen here and here, respectively. But it’s the first time you’re seeing Amanda’s and Kerry’s lovely smiles on my blog! 😀 And if Amanda’s name feels familiar, it’s because she’s the one who knitted my hat, featured earlier this week.

This picture also reminds me of a funny story that Kerry told us about a student who had come up to the Reference Desk and asked for a specific librarian’s help. Not remembering the name of the librarian, the student had added, “You know, the pretty one.” Kerry was so funny, as she immediately responded, “You’ve gotta be more specific, sorry.” Hah! (BTW, the librarian in question was Amy, seen second from right, above.)

We are a good-looking, stylish group, aren’t we? 😉

Happy Friday, y’all!


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