What I got (November 2013)

No “Black Friday” shopping for me (I like sleeping in when I get the chance, and I don’t like large crowds), so instead, I’m highlighting what I got throughout the month of November for this month’s “Budgeting Bloggers” post.

I did use a $50 Old Navy gift card this month, but most of that total went toward sweaters for Sam. The only thing I picked up for myself at Old Navy was this 3-pack of square-shaped studs in silver, gold, and rose gold. I have already worn these earrings several times!

TOTAL = $0
(original price = ~ $5.00)

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got (November 2013)

In the middle of the month, Sam and I used a 15% off coupon at Kohl’s. Again, most of what we spent went toward clothes for Sam, but I picked up this pair of Bermuda cargo shorts on the 70% clearance rack (original price $34). It was on my list to replace this stone-colored pair of long shorts in my wardrobe that have gotten a little too snug. These shorts will come in handy next summer — and until then, I can enjoy the belt!

TOTAL = $8.67
(original price = $34.00)

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got (November 2013)

Next came a “Friends & Family” 40% off sale at LOFT. I tried on looooooooots of items while at LOFT, and grabbed a pair of jeans from the rack to wear while trying on tops. The pair of dark-rinse, tuxedo-striped skinny jeans that I picked at random turned out to be the favorite thing that I tried on! And they were a hit with my husband. 😉 The tuxedo stripe is quite subtle, and I’ve worn this pair of jeans 3 times already! You’ll see them for the first time on the blog this coming week.

Cost = $41.70
(original price = $69.50)

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got (November 2013)

I also took advantage of a $25 eShakti gift coupon — earned by providing feedback on eShakti surveys — and a sitewide 35% off sale. 😀 This jersey knit grey dress has figure-flattering seaming and a feminine silhouette. I have also been looking to replace my current grey knit dress from the Gap, seen here, which I’ve had for years and is starting to look a little worse for wear. I haven’t received this dress in the mail yet, so I’m substituting the site’s picture below.

TOTAL = $17.95 (not including shipping)
(original price = $64.95)

eShakti dress

I also picked up two pairs of fleece-lined leggings, in grey and black, that were on sale for $10 each at Fred Meyer. We also had a 20% off accessories Fred Meyer coupon for extra savings. And yes, now I want to go back to Freddie’s and pick up every color available in my size. 😉 Leggings are quite practical, especially for seasonal layering up here in the Pacific Northwest, and I am looooooving the comfy fleece lining. (I’m also replacing a current pair of black leggings, seen here, that have really started to pill.)

TOTAL = $16.00 
(original price = ~ $30)

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got (November 2013)

And last but not least, my husband recently surprised me with this lovely Pride and Prejudice-themed scarf from Nerd Alert Creations. Thanks, sweetie! I have already worn this scarf several times, as seen here and here.

Librarian for Life + Style | Pride & Prejudice scarf

GRAND TOTAL = $84.32

It was a pretty quiet month, shopping-wise. Most of what I got were replacements; it feels good to be replacing items in my closet that have gotten a lot of use, rather than just adding bulk to my wardrobe.

Any favorites?

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6 thoughts on “What I got (November 2013)

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

      Where do you live? Are there regular sale cycles in your country, like around holidays? In the U.S., “Black Friday” is a kind of shopping holiday the day after the American Thanksgiving holiday. A lot of people get the Friday after Thanksgiving off, so it’s historically been a good day for shopping. Of course, it’s now become this huge mass market thing — out of control, in my humble opinion — so now “Black Friday” has extended a day early into Thanksgiving and even before! Poor Thanksgiving — I feel like it gets squeezed out more every year, coming inbetween Halloween and Christmas.

  1. Ashley

    You did really well in terms of the savings you got. And everything you got was practical and something you can wear over and over again. How are you liking those leggins? I have been wanting to add a few pairs to my legging collection and I’m looking for some that are warm!


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