What I got with gift cards (September 2013)

I have to admit, I have not felt the urge to shop much at all this month. I’ve been feeling kind of sartorially uninspired in general, actually, probably because of seasonal transitions and starting back to work (this was my first summer off EVER as a working professional!). However, the few things I did pick up this month I do really like.

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got with gift cards (September 2013)

Animal print pencil skirt (Target, Merona)

      • Original price = $22.99
      • What I paid at thrift store = $6
      • I picked up this pencil skirt at our local thrift store while shopping there with a friend. This skirt still had the tags on — and is the second, BRAND NEW Target Merona pencil skirt I’ve picked up at this thrift store. Happy, happy! And I love that it doesn’t scream “animal print” until you get kind of close up.

Graphic print ankle pants  (Target, Merona)

  • Original price $27.99 + 5% Target RED card = $26.60
  • What I paid after using $25 gift card = $1.60
  • I could not resist this fun graphic print or color pattern of red, burgundy, and navy. I’ve already worn these, as seen here. I will have to let out the hem a little bit, but I’m pleased that this pair of ankle pants is made with a thicker, higher-quality fabric.

Total:  $7.60 

Definitely the lowest monthly amount I’ve spent this year — and the least I’ve gone shopping! Coincidence? 😉

And for full disclosure, here are the items I received as gifts this month:

Librarian for Life + Style | No-slip headband review

As I reviewed in this post, I was lucky enough to receive a complementary no-slip headband from Jill’s Frills. Love the black & white fish scale pattern!

Librarian for Life + Style | T-shirt gifts

And I recently received these two “The Home T” shirts as a surprise gift from my mom. ♥ I’ve already worn these two t-shirts quite a few times, as seen here and here.

Librarian for Life + Style | DIY fabric belt closeup

Last, but not least, I also added this self-made fabric belt to my wardrobe this month! The total cost for the denim-like fabric for the belt backing was about $6, but I used only a small percentage of the total yardage to make this belt. And the floral fabric came from rehemming my floral dress. So the total cost for making this belt would definitely be less than $1.

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