SIA: Bright and bold

It’s SIA time again, and there’s still time to participate in this week’s challenge. Just click here @ Animated Cardigan for all the details. This week, the challenge stems from a bright blue & yellow Roy Lichtenstein painting of the Oval Office.

So I posed in front of my own office, my home study. It’s not oval, but it does have a bump-out wall along the back side with the windows (the wall with the Garfield cat drawing and magnetic file folders). So I have more of a hexagon-shaped office. Boom, upgrade! 😉

Librarian for Life + Style | SIA: Bright and bold

Right away, I had the idea of using my yellow, black and grey polka-dotted peplum top. The pattern is oversize and graphic, which seemed to fit well with the painting inspiration. But royal blue? Then my internal light bulb switched on, and I had the idea to layer the peplum top over my bright blue dress. YES! I can also see layering a black blazer or cardigan over this combination to make it more work-appropriate (which is why I’m also linking up with this week’s “Spotlight Weekly” challenge, as the theme is “work style”).

Librarian for Life + Style | SIA: Bright and bold closeups

Details:  Blue dress:  Old Navy, gift-carded this spring  /  Peplum top & black skinny belt:  JCPenney, gift-carded this spring  /  Black patent leather heels:  Payless, winter

Librarian for Life + Style | SIA: Bright and bold

And here’s a couple of other ways I’ve worn this blue dress, for both work and casual looks:

Librarian for Life + Style | Blue dress remixing

left  //  right

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23 thoughts on “SIA: Bright and bold

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

      Thanks! And I’m so glad the straps of the dress didn’t interfere with the cut-outs of the top. As we were finishing up with the pics, I remarked on how I was so glad I found another way to wear this dress. And Sam’s reaction was, “What dress? You’re wearing a dress!” So I would say the dress-as-skirt trick was a success. 😀

  1. Amber =)

    Hmm, I was going to wear my new American flag shoes, but now I’m going to have to try on my yellow and gray top with my bright blue pants. This is a great pairing! I love that top too! It’s way more versatile than I would’ve thought. Guess that shows me I need to break out of always pairing things of the same color As Stacy and Clinton say they don’t have to match…they just have to go! 😉


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