We Love Target Style Challenge: Bottoms

Continuing my participation in the “We ♥ Target” style challenge hosted by Whitney @ Along the Lines of Style and Heidi @ Literate and Stylish, today’s theme is bottoms. While my choice — skinny jeans — may seem a little predictable, buying my first pair of skinny jeans at Target last winter felt like a major breakthrough in my personal style journey.

Why? Being a classic pear shape — that means having bigger hips and a smaller chest, y’all — I would look at these magazine editorials like “Anyone can wear skinny jeans!” and roll my eyes. It wasn’t until I started following style blogs and witnessing how ladies of all shapes and sizes — not just models in magazines — were looking great in skinny jeans that I thought about taking the plunge myself. And thank goodness for Target, who has a fit system for jeans that is figure-friendly and not intimidating. (By the way, I am a Fit 4, a mid-rise for curvy bottoms.)

I now have two pairs of skinny jeans, my first being a dark denim, and my second pair in black. I haven’t taken the plunge yet into colored denim, but my comfort level with skinny jeans has also impacted my regular pants collection. I now have a growing collection of close-fitting ankle pants (my tan pair seen here, my red pair seen here, and my teal pair seen here), and more importantly, I am more comfortable than ever before with my own body shape. 🙂

Librarian for Life + Style | Target skinny jeans

And today’s photos tell the story of this vacant lot around our neighborhood. We love how it feels like this vacant space is taking a rest, and how nature is once again having its say. And how cool do these steps look in the side of this hill?!

Librarian for Life + Style | Target skinny jeans

Librarian for Life + Style | Target skinny jeans

The dramatic slope of the lot then leads into this shed that has been almost completely taken over by vegetation. And I love how the rose bush perched on top is spilling its petals over the slope. So picturesque.

And below is the other side of that same shed. And this is only two blocks north of a major through-street in NE Portland!

Librarian for Life + Style | Target skinny jeans

Details:  Skinny jeans:  Target, last winter  /  Red cotton jacket:  Macy’s, on sale and gift-carded this winter  /  Blue striped t-shirt:  Fall fashion swap  /  Striped canvas flats:  Target, on sale this spring

Librarian for Life + Style | Smelling the roses

And in the middle of this rather overwhelming landscape of overgrown greens is a beautiful flowering rose bush — the same kind of delicate pink roses up on the vacant lot. And looking at this picture, I am reminded of how long my hair has grown these past two years!

Librarian for Life + Style | Smelling the roses

The cost per wear of these denim skinnies must be in the fractions of pennies by now. I’ve worn them at least once a week since first buying them (and I wash them, inside out, after 3-4 wears, and air dry to maintain the color and shape as much as possible).

Below are a few of the ways I’ve worn these skinny jeans, as well as a bonus inspiration board featuring my black skinnies.

Librarian for Life + Style | We Love Target style challenge: Skinny jeans collage

Look 1  |  Look 2  |  Look 3  |  Look 4  | Look 5

Librarian for Life + Style | We Love Target style challenge: Black skinnies collage

Look 1  |  Look 2  |  Look 3  |  Look 4  | Look 5

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10 thoughts on “We Love Target Style Challenge: Bottoms

  1. Salazar

    This is such a cute casual look. And how awesome is that vacant lot? Seriously, if I got a place like that I’d probably keep it pretty much the same.

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

      I know, it’s so pretty! And now that spring is here and flowers are blooming, it’s even prettier. There are also some cool branches kind of growing into the other side of the slope, so we’ll have to go back for extra pics soon to capture that. 🙂

  2. Whitney

    You look adorable in this outfit! I love Target’s jeans–but I keep outshrinking them faster than I can replace them (which is a kind-of good thing, I guess?), which makes them good buys instead of purchasing super expensive jeans every time! Seriously–love your outfit and those shoes are so cute!
    Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. Kimbercrafts

    There was a day and time that I was hesitant about skinny pants too – now they dominate my closet! I love those striped flats paired with the red coat. Your outfit gives off a casual nautical vibe!

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style

      I love me some red, white & blue! And now that I think about my total comfort in skinny jeans, I just shake my head at all that automatic negativity toward them. Not all skinny jeans are made for my body type — ahem, low-risers that create tires around the waist — but this has taught me to never say never, and just experiment! At the very least, just try things on and evaluate how you feel in new shapes or silhouettes. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how my taste for experimentation has grown this past year. 🙂


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