Glory basics

Today was a double-snooze, double-coffee kind of day. Uninspiring, cold, tiring. You’re feeling pretty great at stopping by this cheery blog today, eh?ūüėČ

But on a day like today when I, that’s when a closet full of go-to favorites and basics work with you and for you. Favorite sweater with an argyle print that makes me feel preppy and collegiate (perfect for where I work, at a college library) — check. Brown ankle boots that I’ve had for over 15 years that are broken in just right and sooooo comfortable — check. Basic blazer that helps make everything work-appropriate — check! Whew. Done and done. And that¬†did bring a smile to my tired face.

Librarian for Life + Style | Glory basics

Librarian for Life + Style | Blazer and argyle sweater

Details: Argyle sweater: ¬†Smart Set, PEI, old ¬†/ ¬†Blazer: ¬†JCPenney?, old ¬†/ ¬†Jeans: ¬†Gap, long ‘n’ lean tall, old ¬†/ ¬†Ankle boots: ¬†Some fashion outlet in Texas, old ¬†/ ¬†Pearl earrings: ¬†Bridesmaid gift, old

Librarian for Life + Style | Glory basics

Sam called out halfway through our quickie photo shoot, “Smile like you mean it!” Yes, dear.ūüėČ

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