Winter shopping trip round-up

This past weekend, the hubby and I took advantage of the winter sales and made a big dent on my 2013 shopping list. Sam is so much fun to shop with! He gives his honest opinion and is fantastic at finding a target item.

Here’s a typical conversation upon entering a store:

Sam: Ok, what are we looking for?

Me: Black pumps and red patent leather flats.

Sam:  On it!


So here are the basics I’ve added to my wardrobe, and every item we got was on sale! 😀

Librarian for Life + Style | Winter Shopping Trip collage

√ Ankle boots: At $12, these were the lowest price for any single item we got. Sam found these, and I was surprised at his choice as I had skipped right over this shape. But I ended up really liking how they looked, and Sam pronounced the look “sexy.” I call that a win!

√ Cardigans:  Sam earned his first gold star of the day by spotting these August Silk cardigans at Macy’s. On sale at $34 apiece ($10 off the original price), they were the most expensive items of the day — but still a great price! I went with emerald green (the Pantone color of the year!) and dark blue.

√ Grey work tote: Going for a grey work bag, I snagged the charcoal-and-black version of this Christian Siriano tote bag at Payless. I was also able to use a 20% off coupon on all the Payless items:  this tote, the ankle booties, and the black pumps.

√ Black pumps: Very comfortable. The heel’s not too high, and you know how I love me some patent leather.

√ Dotted blouse: Ok, technically, the print is not polka dots. It’s a geometric print that looks like dots from a distance. The top’s also got a subdued kind of ruffle at the top — but the ruffle doesn’t go all the way around, which means no bulkiness when layered under a cardigan or sweater. I like those kinds of thoughtful details. Especially at 50% off the sale price. 😉

√ Ankle pants: I luuuuuuurve these pants! We popped into Ann Taylor — which is usually way out of my price league — because of the massive sale sign in the window. And Sam was at first quite skeptical, because he doesn’t like printed pants in general, but he ended up liking them too. He also liked that we got 40% off the sale price. This print is quite subtle, teal geometric shapes on a black background — with a fun retro vibe. And the fit is fantastic! Most pants, if they fit around my hips, then gape at the waistband — a common problem for those of us who are curvier on the bottom. But these pants fit both my hips and waist, and I can’t wait to wear them! I think they’ll be good year round, but especially cute in the spring and summer.

And here’s our conversation after getting two-thirds of the way through my 2013 shopping list:

Sam:  What are you going to do for the whole year if we finish the list early?

Me: What I get with gift cards doesn’t count. That’s extra.

Sam: Fair enough.

Me:  ♥


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