5 ways to wear a cardigan

A cardigan is a must-have in my wardrobe, and if any item is essential for working in a library, it’s the cardigan. It’s so practical! Often, a library can feel cold because a lower temperature is best for print and archival collections (if I remember correctly from my grad school days, around 70 degrees Celsius is a good, steady temp for books and other materials). And as a librarian for life, I have a good selection of cardigans — and always have my eye on collecting more. 😉

Going through my archives, here are five ways that I’ve styled a cardigan:

All buttoned up

Librarian for Life + Style | Celebration time

Wearing a cardigan all buttoned up can mimic the look of a sweater. So easy!

Buttoned only at the top

Librarian for Life + Style | Retro black and blue

Buttoning only the top button of a cardigan lends a slightly retro look to an outfit. Next time I try this, I think I’ll add a brooch, à la Michelle Obama.

Cropped layering

Librarian for Life + Style | Layering holiday cheer

I recently tried layering a cropped cardigan over a longer-sleeved top. It definitely added a bit of visual interest (and kept me warm in the library during this chilly month).

Open over a dress

Librarian for Life + Style |

Cardigans are essential layering pieces, a basic building block of a wardrobe. I’ve found that layering a cardigan over a dress — but leaving the cardigan open and unbuttoned — can help to visually slim the mid-section.


Librarian for Life + Style | OTI: Backwards inspiration

I’ve tried this only once (so far), and it felt really strange at first, I admit. My husband was not sold on this look, but I ended up loving the effect!


8 thoughts on “5 ways to wear a cardigan

  1. Samuel

    How cute are you?

    But sorry, sweetie, that backward thing still throws me. I’m pretty sure it’s my fault for having watched Spaceballs too many times:

    Snotty: Geezbeasties! What’s happened to his head?
    Commanderette Zircon: It’s on backwards!


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