Cat lady

Librarian for Life + Style | Cat lady

Librarian for Life + Style | Cat lady closeup

Librarian for Life + Style | Cat lady

When?  October 10, 2012

What for?  Typical workday at the library, which included teaching, hence the flats. With me getting into work early all week, and my husband teaching night classes a couple of nights a week, it’s been challenging trying to figure out our work schedules (and fitting in daily photos). Thank you, sweetie, for being my personal cameraman… it’s sooooo appreciated. ♥

And today, you get an early-morning shot of me against our living room bookshelves. We live in a vintage building, so the lighting in our small apartment is, shall we say, not so great for photographs. So lots of flash and shadows, sorry.

On the plus side, woo-hoo for cats! I am a cat lady, both personally (with two lovely cats adopted back in 2002) and sartorially, with this adorable cat-print dress. I picked this dress up overseas a few years ago, and it actually comes with the light tan belt seen here. I don’t usually wear the dress with its accompanying belt, but I do like that this dress looks good with either brown or black accessories. It’s a very fall-appropriate color palette — and a fun choice to pay homage to upcoming Halloween! 🙂


  • Cat-print dress:  Mango, Abu Dhabi, 2010
  • Flats:  Payless, last spring
  • Belt:  My husband’s
  • Cardigan:  Target, this past summer

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