Be my guest: Loop Looks

Just a reminder to everyone that I’m on vacation this week. Hope you enjoy the guest posts! Jen

First up is Erin @ Loop Looks, one of my daily style reads. And though she might not have known it until now, Erin was a major influence in inspiring me to start my own style blog. I’m such a fan of her accessible, professional style and peeks at Chicago — and if you’re not already a fan, I’m sure you will be after this. 🙂

Hi! This is Erin from Loop Looks. Why “Loop Looks”? Because I work and live in and around Chicago’s “Loop” district, a.k.a. downtown Chicago. I work in a professional office where it’s jeans on Fridays only and mostly business or business casual the rest of the time. My goal for Loop Looks is to give other women a chance to see real-life outfits from someone who has to commute in all four seasons and show my readers how to take outfits they see online and make them into work-appropriate attire. Join me for my daily posts or on You Pick Wednesdays when you tell me what you want to see!

And thanks to Jen for having me guest post. Fellow librarians have to stick together!

Be my guest:  Loop Looks


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