BONUS! Olympic-inspired accessories

The Olympics start this weekend! I ♥ the Olympics. So I will be a homebody more than usual for the next few weeks. I will cheer for Team USA as well as for athletes from countries I’ve never been to. I will indulge my not-so-secret guilty pleasure of watching sports like synchronized swimming and water polo and gymnastics (both rhythmic and artistic). I will tear up when Bob Costas does those in-depth athlete interviews. I will root for the underdog.

And I will be thinking about how to show my Olympic spirit. 🙂 To that end, I put together a Polyvore inspiration board with ideas for Olympic-inspired accessories.

Librarian for Life + Style | Olympic-inspired accessories collage

One way is to go bold by mirroring the colors of the Olympic rings (blue, yellow, black, green, and red). I particularly love this Olympic-inspired nail polish!

One of my favorite pairs of earrings follows this bold route and Olympic-inspired theme.

Librarian for Life + Style | Arty earrings closeup

I also love the idea of going subtle by mixing gold, silver, and bronze with accessories or nail polish. Rooting through my own jewelry box, I put together bangles of different metals for a multi-dimensional, mixed-metal look.

Librarian for Life + Style | Mixed metal bangles

Do you love the Olympics, too? How do you plan on showing your Olympic spirit?


5 thoughts on “BONUS! Olympic-inspired accessories

  1. crazystylelove

    Cute inspiration boards! I enjoy watching the Olympics too, although more Winter than Summer. I’ll definitely be watching this summer. I’m more of a metallic girl than the bold 5 ring colours. I LOVE those nail polishes. I just bought a bronze one called Penny Talk from Essie. I think I’ll have to wear that during the Olympics! 🙂

    xo Jenny

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