Glitter manicure refresher

Over a week ago, I tried out a new mint polish on my fingernails. I still love the color, but it’s not looking quite so… fresh anymore.

Then I came across this gorgeous manicure, which inspired me with how to refresh my mint nails.

I started out by applying a dollop of metallic silver nail polish to the tops of my mint-colored nails. I let the polish dry for a few seconds at the top, then brushed the rest of the polish lightly down the nail. I repeated this a couple more times.

Librarian for Life + Style | Glitter manicure refresher

Librarian for Life + Style | Glitter manicure refresher

I think it would look better with polish that has bigger sparkles, like in the inspiration pic, but overall, I like the effect and its sophisticated take on glitter.

It’s a lovely, simple idea for a fresh manicure, plus an easy way to extend one. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Glitter manicure refresher


    We are definitely trying the glitter manicure! We haven’t yet & love the way it looks! Check out our featured nail posts We just featured Minnie Mouse OPI Polish! We’d love to hear from you or submit what you’d like us to feature on the hottest online magazine!

  2. franishh

    I’ve done this manicure, it works really well with loose glitter! You just put clear polish down, and then paint/sponge on the loose glitter. Real easy!


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