OTI: Mixing it up

The inspiration continues with the OTI (Open to Interpretation) “Make It Your Own” series.

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If not for today’s inspiration post from Erica over at North Meets South, I don’t know if I would have come up with this combo myself. And. I. am. LOVING. it. I totally plan to wear this for a summer office look, when things in the library are more low-key. I love the play of masculine and feminine, as well as dressy and casual, in the inspiration photo below. And you KNOW how I like a nice hat. 😉

Librarian for Life + Style | OTI: Mixing it up

Are you humming “Billie Jean” right now, too?

Librarian for Life + Style | OTI: Mixing it up

Librarian for Life + Style | OTI: Mixing it up

Librarian for Life + Style | OTI: Mixing it up

Librarian for Life + Style | Handmade tie belt from two ties

And that obi-style belt I made from two of my dad’s ties. I just hand-stitched the two together — those big, wide ties from the ’70s are the best for this kind of project. I was inspired after buying my first tie belt from Tongue Tied at a Chicago art fair back in 2007. Brooke Costello is the designer/owner of Tongue Tied, and there are so many cool repurposed fashion pieces on her site. I’d recommend a visit online, or the next time you’re in Chicago!

Continuing in our series of fashion blogger quirks and poses, this is the closest I will probably ever come to How to be a Fashion Blogger, #8: This peplum skirt. Or that one. The wide belt helps give a (very slight) peplum-like shape to this striped shirt (yes, it’s striped, just a verrrry thin stripe). Shirt, skirt, it’s just one letter difference! 😉

How do you feel about mixing masculine and feminine details like in the inspiration look?


  • Shorts:  Dockers via Kohl’s, years ago
  • Striped button-down:  H&M (newish)
  • Obi belt:  Made from my dad’s vintage ties
  • Flats:  Payless (newish)
  • Hat:  Stetson, Amsterdam trip (2010)

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