ModCloth library style inspiration

I love visiting the ModCloth site for many reasons, including the ModCloth blog, the “Be the Buyer” program, the user reviews, and, of course, the descriptions for each item entitled “The Story.” Recently perusing, I had the idea to search for all the items with library or librarian mentioned in those imaginative write-ups — and there were quite a few! So I used those items in Polyvore to create some fun outfit ideas and some library style inspiration. Enjoy! 🙂

A quick note:  I didn’t put together the following outfits with myself in mind necessarily — all of the dresses are too short for me, really, although I do salivate over those “For Your Information” heels — I just wanted to show some love for library-related sartorial inspiration.

Library Atrium Dress, How Do You Dewey? Heels & Pride and Prejudice

Librarian for Life + Style | ModCloth Library Style - blue collage

Sweet Little Librarian Dress, For Your Information Heels & Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Librarian for Life + Style | ModCloth Library Style - red + tan collage

Sunny State of Mind Dress, Law Library Cardigan, How Do You Dewey? Heels & Great Expectations

Librarian for Life + Style | ModCloth Library Style - yellow + blue + grey collage

Tell Me a Cotton-Tale Top, Summer Session Skirt, For Your Information Heels & Jane Eyre

Librarian for Life + Style | ModCloth Library Style - blue + brown collage

Please note that this post isn’t sponsored by ModCloth or by anyone else but me. Outfit sets created in Polyvore, with clothing pics from ModCloth. Just follow the links to look at the items individually and read the inspirational descriptions. 🙂


2 thoughts on “ModCloth library style inspiration

  1. KatySue Pillsbury

    The grey cardigan/yellow dress combo is my favorite! They are all fantastic though and if I had an unlimited budget for clothes, modcloth would be my favorite place to shop!
    But alas, tis’ Wal-Mart and eBay….for now! 😉

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Thanks, KatySue. Even though I don’t buy a lot from ModCloth (like you, b/c of budget limitations), I still like looking at their site and getting inspired. That’s why I like style blogs in general — to get inspired and then think of new ways to rework what we have in our own closets. 🙂


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