Spring shopping trip

I’ve been saving up a few gift cards (my favorite kind of gift, by the way), which I like to spread out. My goal this weekend was to find a few items to cut down on those “Oh! if I only had [insert type of accessory]” moments when dressing in the morning. Accessory shopping usually isn’t that high on my list, but I made it a priority this shopping trip to Kohl’s. In addition to pollen and allergies, I always find springtime brings the itch to shop — which can be quite dangerous to one’s (non-existent?) budget — but armed with a gift card, I felt I could scratch that itch without worry. So I made a list in advance. Of course.

  • skinny belt (found a two-belt set of navy and bright pink)
  • black-and-white scarf (a fluttery polka-dot version)
  • statement necklace (sooooo much fun trying these on — couldn’t decide on just one in the end)
  • chambray shirt (no such luck, all the ones there were too light in color)

So staying on budget and sticking to the list, here’s what I picked up, as shown online (please note that I couldn’t find an online pic of the pink and navy belt set):

Librarian for Life + Style | Kohls spring shopping trip collage

And here’s what the items look like in real life.

Librarian for Life + Style | Spring shopping trip

Here’s a close-up:

Librarian for Life + Style | Spring shopping trip

The striped dress — which I’ve worn already, see my previous post — I just couldn’t resist. It’s bright and on-trend with the stripes, but it feels a little different, and reminiscent of the ’20s flapper-style dresses with its drop waist and pleating. And it’s soooo comfortable and easy to wear. I also tried on another dress, which was crazy-flattering, but it ultimately cost too much.

Have you been shopping any this spring? Are you eyeing specific trends or sticking to basics?

Note:  This post isn’t sponsored by Kohl’s or by anybody else. Except by me. 😉


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