Giving a hoot





Is it picture time again? The owl shouldn’t get all the attention! Cats are awesome, too.


When? December 4, 2012

What for? For a more casual day at work with wrapping up projects non-stop (aka “getting it done, y’all”). And I know critter-embellished tees and sweaters are all the rage in the style blogosphere right now (see here and here), but I don’t give a hoot! ;) With an owl as cute as this one, how can you resist? I certainly couldn’t. Armed with a gift card for Old Navy, I was determined to pick up slouchy winter hats. Told my husband the plan and everything to keep me on track. And then promptly let out a big squeeeeee when I spied these owl sweaters. And just like that, this oh-so-adorable owl found a loving home in my closet. (I may or may not have already given the owl a nickname. That nickname may or may not be Gertie. Just so you know. Or not.)


  • Owl sweater:  Old Navy, gift card, last week (seems to be sold out online — check your nearest store)
  • Jeans:  Gap, curvy style, last fall
  • Gingham camp shirt:  Old Navy, gift card, last spring
  • Pearl necklace:  Shangri-La Souk, Abu Dhabi, 2011
  • Flats:  DKNY via Macy’s, last fall
  • Pearl cluster earrings:  Old Navy, gift card, last week

pleated poppybutton

32 thoughts on “Giving a hoot

  1. Bethie the Boo

    Oh I love this! I got an owl sweater for my birthday that’s a little different from this one, but is the basic idea. I can’t get enough owl stuff, so I love this trend right now!

  2. Erin @ Loop Looks

    I really like how the blue in the owl picks up the blue in the gingham! I haven’t been a huge fan of the animal sweaters but your outfit is so cute and preppy it might make me change my mind!


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