The whole kilt and caboodle

A heads-up, there are a lot of photos in this post…


UPDATE: Our friend Dena snapped this candid shot of us at the gala. I had draped Sam’s Prince Charlie jacket over my shoulders as the temps turned colder. (You can check out more of Dena’s prose and photography by clicking on the pic.)

When? July 28, 2012

What for? For a writers’ gala, Sam decided to go full kilt. So handsome, no? :) When we visited his Scottish relatives in 2008, we took the opportunity to get Sam fitted for the full kilt attire (the Fraser Clan tartan) at the Highland House of Fraser, Kiltmaker & Supplier of Highland Dress, located in Inverness. We even got to see the workshop where they make the kilts by hand! Such a cool experience and a favorite personal memory. This is the formal look, with the Prince Charlie jacket and waistcoat, but Sam dressed it down slightly with a regular dress shirt and tie. We consulted the delightful book So You’re Going to Wear the Kilt, and the chapter on ladies’ wear ends with this note:

A final word to the lasses:  get your man out in his kilt early and often! […] Your moral support is worth more to him than anything else could be.

Therefore, to show my support, I draped a Fraser tartan scarf (I would like to order a proper sash) across a one-shouldered black dress and secured it with a pin that was a gift from Sam’s Scottish great-aunt.

We felt quite the dashing pair! It was a fun night. :)


  • Jersey dress:  JCPenney, 2008
  • Scarf: Gift shop in Scotland, 2008
  • Pin:  Gift, 2008
  • Satin heels:  DSW, 2008
  • Kilt attire:  Highland House of Fraser, 2008

19 thoughts on “The whole kilt and caboodle

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life Style

      Thanks Marissa! “Gala” does sound so fancy, but we were definitely on the dressy end of the scale. It’s Portland after all, which is pretty low-key in general, but whatever! If the invite says “gala,” we’re pulling out the kilt! :)

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