CopyCats inspiration

It’s the last Friday of the month, so it’s time for another CopyCats challenge! I was inspired by this recent “work casual” look from one of my favorite style bloggers, Laura from Laura Wears. So go check out more of her cool, elegant, tall-drink-of-water style.

It’s ok, I’ll wait. :)

Laura Wears inspiration outfit

When? July 26, 2012

What for? Work, work, work. I really liked Laura’s casual work look and how she dressed up a t-shirt with fun accessories like a chunky necklace and straw fedora. (Y’all know how I loooove a cool hat!) So I brought out my black skinnies and argyle print t-shirt, along with a chunky necklace and metallic strappy wedges. Going out the door this morning, I also swiped one of my husband’s many fedoras. ♥ At work, I added my grey cardigan (’cause it’s cold in the library).

I also brought out some Laura-like blogger poses. I should bring out those more often. ;)


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