Colorblocking on full tilt

Emma Roberts at Target launch – – click to visit site

Copycatting and colorblocking – click to view larger image in a new window

When?  May 25, 2012

What for?  A casual Friday and participation in the Frills for Thrills copycat series on the last Friday of each month. The idea is to “find inspiration in the way another person styled an outfit” and then post your own version. I couldn’t resist this cardigan on a recent trip to Target — such a sophisticated, classic way to do colorblocking. And I liked how Emma Roberts kept the look simple and let the cardigan take the spotlight. I also tried out my own version of her tousled waves, using a large-barreled curling iron and alternating the direction of the waves. Sam said I looked very ’70s, one of his highest compliments. ;)

FrillsforThrills CopyCats

And, of course, continuing our series on funny fashion blogger quirks:  this time it’s “The Tilt” pose from this site. My best attempt is above, but ouch, that hurts! Haven’t pulled a version of that out too often, as you can see below. And Sam also managed to catch me (accidentally) doing “The Flamingo” pose again (see above), while I was wiping water droplets off one of my shoes. Sneaky devil.


  • Skinny jeans:  Target
  • T-shirt:  Nordstrom Rack (on sale)
  • Flats:  Payless
  • Cardigan:  Target (new)
  • Prescription sunglasses:  Nine West, bought at eye doctor’s office (2008)

8 thoughts on “Colorblocking on full tilt

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Thanks! This collection came out this spring, so there are probably a few left at your local Target stores. (But this was the last one available where I went!) It’s also still available online, at Note: This cardigan is extremely stretchy, and I’ve noticed that Target sizes in general seem to be getting bigger. I’m usually a Medium, and I’ve been having to try out the Smalls lately. And it’s not ’cause I’m getting any smaller! ;)

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Me, too! It’s funny how these blogger poses/quirks are making me way more aware of the ones I usually pull out. But I also am experimenting more with those different — and ridiculous! — poses, which is really fun! :)


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