Classy color combination

When?  May 18, 2012

What for?  For a busier-than-expected day at the library. I think this outfit came out dressier than I had thought in my head for a “casual Friday,” but getting down to basics, it’s just a cotton tunic, trousers, and black wedges. That’s it. But I liked how a co-worker remarked, “Black and white, such a classy color combination.” I could have totally gone with some skinny jeans — as I certainly have in the past — but these trousers were at the top of the stack in the dresser. Sometimes, the decision comes down to whatever’s closest. ;)

I tried a variation of the hairstyle that I tried out yesterday (following this online hair tutorial), this time with my regular side part and doing only one side. Seriously, 5 minutes. It’s so easy, and this style would look great with wavy or curly hair, too.

And, finally, continuing with funny style blogger quirks, today’s pose is “How To Be a Fashion Blogger, #2: Perfect your pigeon-toed stance.” I’ve had some practice with this one already, too. ;) (Also, I dubbed that 3rd shot above my “broken dolly” pose.)


  • Black trousers:  Maurices (2005?)
  • Cotton tunic:  Pyramid Collection catalog, birthday gift from my mom (2011)
  • Black wedges:  Dillard’s (2005? ’06?)
  • Necklace:  Kohl’s (new, gift card, shopping details here)
  • Earrings:  Either my mom’s or my paternal grandmother’s (Mom, a little help here?)

7 thoughts on “Classy color combination

        1. Jennifer Post author

          I’m still really new at this, but I have joined some blogger community networks for ideas and networking, like the Independent Fashion Bloggers. And although the IFB may be in a different blogger topic area, there are some good “how to” build your blog/business/brand kinds of articles, like this one, “Pitch Yourself and Your Blog to the Press” at, and a whole section of Tools, Hope this helps! :)


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